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PVC Synthetic Boat Deck

Product Description

Synthetic teak decking is an excellent alternative to the traditional wooden decking we all know & love.But that's half the problem, teak needs a lot of love, care & attention, year on year - which means less sailing.
Synthetic teak decking looks like the real thing - all year round.It's easy to look after & it doesn't lose its good looks to the harsh conditions & sunlight.It can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, steel & timber.Due to it's very subtle textured surface exterior & flexibility of the compound you will discover that Synthetic teak decking is impressively no slip - Even when wet!!!

Product specifications

Material:pvc synthetic teak

Product Features

1. Environmental friendly, recyclable
2. Natural wood appearance, but less timber problems
3. Low maintenance, easy installation. Just using the adhesive
4. Safe for bare feet. No cracking, warping and splitting
5. Dimension stability against moisture and temperature
6. Have high degree of UV and color stability
7. Well done of termites, insects and moldy-proof
8. High waterproofing, fireproofing, low endothermic nature
9. Light weight, but reasonable structure, so not easier to crack
10. Superior ability of anti-aging, water resistance, fade resistance

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