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Tour Mont Saint-Michel, the real-life Minas Tirith

The Mont. Countless video games and movies have used the unique Mont Saint-Michel as inspiration, with the most famous example being Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Friends, Harry Potter, and What Else to Watch Labor Day

The end of summer doesn't have to be sad. Sure, the beach balls and patio BBQ have to get tucked away, and the days are sure to get longer and colder real soon. But fall brings with it the promise

The Boondocks Fans

Boondocks Patio and Grill We are Nestled in the Heart of Old Town Scottsdale creating a comfortable environment everyday for everyone. Boondocks takes Pride in its

Impossible Burger 2.0 tastes so real it made this

I meandered away from Minor, the tartare's chef, to the other side of the patio so I could hide the rest of my sample under someone's napkin. Maybe the best sign that Impossible Foods has cracked

5 Restaurants You Should Totally Visit In Dallas in 2017

In Dallas County, there is definitely no shortage of amazing places to eat. In fact, we have the best BBQ, Tex-Mex, steakhouses, seafood--you name the cuisine, we have a hundred amazing places to choose from and dang it, sometimes that makes deciding where to eat stressful Part of my shtick as

Gardening Discussions

Our patio was renovated this past winter and we are anxious to get it growing again. We were able to save our chives and oregano which are coming back nicely in their original pots. We We were able to save our chives and oregano which are coming back nicely in their original pots. We

Dallas Lifestyle Drinks of 2016

All their food is made fresh and the patio space is a favorable size. There is an Addison and Plano location. You may even catch some famous Instagram doggies at this place. It's the 1 pick for brunchers with pups.


Find the latest Sangría tips, cooking advice, recipes and answers from our Chowhound community. Browse recipes, watch a video or join in a discussion.

Amazing Race's Misbehavin' Models TV Guide

Which team was most likely to suffer a Flo and Zach-style breakdown in the early legs of The Amazing Race 4? That'd be Tian and Jaree. The two Miami models

Find Kim Mitchell's songs, tracks, and other music Last.fm

Listen to Go For Soda, All We Are and more from Kim Mitchell. Find similar music that you'll enjoy, only at Last.fm.

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