blue tiles for terrace Philippines

8 homes made from recycled materials

This school in the Philippines, a living room on the third and a bedroom and rooftop terrace on the top floor. Cabana Floripa Florianopolis, Brazil Photo courtesy of Jaime, Cabana Floripa

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review: A battle-ready battery

Cloaked in blue or gray camouflage or all-black, the Active series evokes a sense of combat against day-to-day spills, drops and breaks, while also appealing to a class of people who engage in

Excerpt: Dan Brown's "Origin"

And then, out of the blue, three days ago, Langdon had received a FedEx envelope with a plane ticket, a hotel reservation, and a handwritten note from Edmond urging him to attend tonight's event.

Hoyle Solitaire and Mahjong Tiles Review for PC: Hugely

The Mahjong Tiles portion of the game is more entertaining than the solitaire bit - which has almost seventeen times more varieties in this game than Mahjong Tiles - and that probably results from a lack of repetition in the game modes. However, this, too, can get a bit repetitive at times. Overall, both games get boring fairly quickly.

Eerie photos of abandoned malls

Photojournalist Seph Lawless who captures the world's abandoned places has photographed a number of dead malls, like Ohio's Rolling Acres Mall, pictured here.

Theater In The Loo

The toilets are long enough to cram in a fair number of patrons - about 25 per restroom - and the blue-green tile and white wooden stall doors lend the rooms a retro charm. The porcelain toilets

LED buying guide

An easy way to keep track of color temperature is to think of a flame: it starts out yellow and orange, but when it gets really hot, it turns blue. You could also think of color temperature in

Work Wear

Work Wear. Updated on and a bright pink equestrian-print taffeta jacket with splashes of blue, white, green and yellow. Spring '08 features more colors than Lauren has shown in past years

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