does composite decking expand a lot

How to save the AV receiver

There are a lot of reasons why sound bars are taking over home AM/FM radio tuners, component/composite video inputs, 7.1 channels, and multizone audio. There's still a place for high-end

Space Hulk: Tactics for Xbox One Reviews

In terms of content the game has a lot for you to get to grips with and whilst the gameplay does throw up a few annoying issues like the fiddly camera I must admit that I was impressed with how well the game has been optimised on the Xbox One.

Richard Burr on the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia

There are a lot of false narratives out there," he said. He said the committee had wasted some of its time interviewing witnesses who, it turned out, just wanted to be part of the story. "Don't

Artifact for PC Reviews

Core gameplay is good, cards on the market are cheap, could use an expansion to flesh out some of the deck archetypes but that'll come Core gameplay is good, cards on the market are cheap, could use an expansion to flesh out some of the deck archetypes but that'll come eventually. About to get colourblind support which is a godsend. New update made it even better btw. Expand. 3 of 13 users

Component video to Yamaha receiver then HDMI to HDTV

a lot of tv is watched during the day it seems, with a lot of movies at night. if you wanted, you could have cable hdmi input set as brighter, and the dvd component input tv settings as more

How do I get Composite Video Out of Computer

I have a HP G71 laptop and I need to get a composite audio/video output to connect to my tv. The computer only has a 15 pin connector, mic and headphone jacks and usb jacks.

do rca to usb cables work to connect composite to a

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Will a HDTV look bad when hooked up to Analog cable

Just bought a Sharp 26" Aquos HDTV LC26D40U . Didn't plan on getting a HD cablebox from my Optimum provider until the shock of buying the TV wore off.

Widescreen, letterbox and black bars: How to wrangle TV

ESPN, for example, does this a lot with old footage, putting their logo on the right and left. Nightly news shows often show a blurred out version of the image on either side of the "real" image.

TV with no composite input, best way to convert?

I am planning on getting a tv that is more of a monitor than a tv but it includes a tv tuner so my main reason for getting it is to use it as a tv. it does not have any composite or s-video video

Best mobile games of 2017

The board game has a lot of pieces, which can be very fussy, and the digital version has -- wait for it -- an offline single-player mode. The idea is to match marbles to collect the ingredients to

Biggest PC Games to Play in 2018

Metro: Exodus looks to follow and expand on the ideas of its predecessors. If you have any interest in horror or first-person shooter games, this is one you won't want to miss.

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