build a over a concrete floor slab

How to Pour a Concrete Slab for Beginners DIY

We go over all the necessary steps for your concrete slab to come out perfect We show you how to form the slab, put rebar in at 2ft x 2ft centers, rod it, bull float it, put joints in, edge it

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio The Family

A concrete slab in this condition has to be either broken up and carted away or decked over. This was the ultimate bad patio: severely cracked and cratered, some areas raised by frost, others sunken after 50 years of settling.

Concrete Floor Slab Preparation

View Larger Image. Remove any old concrete blocks or waste material. Backfill all the low points under the concrete floor slab with hardcore 804 backfilling. Compacting with a mechanical Whacker Plate. Installing services. Installing insulation. Cutting floor mesh. Installing heating pipes Plumber .

Tips for a Better Concrete Garage Floor Slab

Reinforcement. Wire mesh or thick reinforcement bars "rebar" has long been a component of concrete slabs. However, with proper ground preparation, a good concrete mix, and sufficient expansion joints, it really isn't necessary. Still, many contractors continue to add the cheap insurance offered by reinforcement.

Installing a Hardwood Floor Over a Concrete Slab

Installing a hardwood floor over a concrete slab. Floating subfloor of 2 layers of plywood secured together over a vapor retarder. No fasteners penetrate the retarder or the concrete. Sleepers Flat, dry, kiln-dried, preservative-treated 2" x 4" sleepers in random lengths 18" to 48" can also serve as a nailing base.

Building Over a Patio Slab This Old House

Building Over a Patio Slab. Building codes require a reinforced floor slab at least 3½ inches thick. Plus, it has to have poured-concrete footings beneath the perimeter to hold the exterior walls that will be built. These footings would have to extend at least 16 inches below grade even in a mild climate like yours.

Please help -- Building a shed over an existing concrete slab

Please help -- Building a shed over an existing concrete slab. A hammer drill makes drilling holes in concrete much easier. You can rent one for $20 or so. Any wood that comes in contact with the concrete must be pressure treated. I d also run a heavy bead of construction adhesive under the wall base plate to form a seal.

How do you build a sub-floor over a concrete slab

Hi folks. Thanks for reading this. I have a woodworking shop with a concrete floor that was not pored level. I have to shim all my WW tools to get them to sit level.

How to Install Floor Joists Over Concrete Slab eHow

The procedure for installing a floor structure over a slab with 2 by 6 joists can be adapted to larger joist sizes if more subfloor space is required. Local and national codes contain specific requirements for framed floors and you should consult your local building department before beginning this project.

Concrete Construction

How To Build High Quality Slabs on Grade. A concrete construction primer on what it takes to build concrete slabs- from proper subgrade preparation to adequate curing Concrete slabs are used to support everything from patio furniture, to foot traffic, to semi-trailer trucks. With such a wide range of purposes and support requirements,

How to Insulate a Garage Floor Above a Concrete Slab

Slab Edge. The concrete conducts heat from inside the building, and an uninsulated slab edge allows heat to easily escape. Insulation on top of the slab helps prevent heat from passing into the slab, but the edge of the slab must be insulated as well, via an insulated exterior wall, exterior insulation that extends over the edge of the slab, or both.

Proper way to build raised floor on concrete slab?

Ramset is dangerous and can cause spalling in the concrete. Then ply over the sleepers first, then your build up, then more ply, then the flooring. You do it this way to create a stable floor. You will actually have to almost lay a torsion grid down on the concrete to get the stability you want your way.

Build Your Shed On A Concrete Slab

Build your slab the size of the shed floor. In other words if you are building an 8×12 shed then build an 8×12 slab. This way the siding will be able to hang over the side of the slab an inch to prevent water from seeping under the bottom plate and into your shed.

How to Install a False Floor Over a Basement Slab Home

3 Insulate a Garage Floor Above a Concrete Slab; Those who have some carpentry experience and tools can install a false floor over a basement slab with the help of one or more assistants. The

How do you build a sub-floor over a concrete slab

> I have a woodworking shop with a concrete floor that was not pored > level. I have to shim all my WW tools to get them to sit level. > > I want to build a wood floor over the concrete slab. Do I just put down > 2x4s on edge and shim as needed, then install plywood over this??? Yes, the best way would be to replace the slab, but..

Build Your Shed On A Concrete Slab

At first glance you might think a concrete slab would be the ultimate floor and foundation system for your new shed.. But a slab has two main dbacks you should consider before you make a final decision.

How to Tile a Shower Over a Concrete Slab Home Guides

Pick up the tile nearest the center of the floor and spread adhesive with the trowel over the bare floor. Use the notched edge of the trowel. Kristy. "How to Tile a Shower Over a Concrete Slab

How to build a subfloor over a concrete slab? Yahoo Answers

How to build a subfloor over a concrete slab? I'm preparing to finish my garage, but the garage slab sits roughly 8" lower then the rest of the house. And -- how, or should I fasten the floor to the concrete slab somehow? Screws? pour concrete between the joists and floor to eliminate gaps? Originally I was just going to just

Concrete Forms and Pouring a Concrete Slab The Family

Pouring Concrete Form and Pour a Concrete Slab. If you havent worked with concrete, start with a small sidewalk or garden shed floor before attempting a garage-size slab foundation like this. Even if youve got a few small jobs under your belt, its a good idea to find an experienced helper. You can lay plastic over the concrete

How to Build Shower Pan on Slab Floor Hunker

Building a shower stall over a concrete slab is a strht forward process. Just don't let the concrete slab trick you into thinking that you don't need to waterproof the shower pan, because you do.

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