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Wood Filler and Caulk for Decks. When taking on an exterior wood maintenance project, it is always best to follow proven methods to get the best results. For the do-it-yourself enthusiast, restoring a wood deck or other wood surface is something you can accomplish in a few days.

Color Restoration of Redwood Siding and Decks

Redwood Siding and Decks Redwood is often preferred for siding and decks because of its exterior wood filler compatible with the finish system to be used. ing and restoring the surface of wood siding and decking prior to refinishing. Properly performed, there are several advantages to

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How to Fill Holes in a Redwood Deck eHow

Combine wood filler with redwood stain, adding just a drop of stain at a time to a small amount of filler. Knead the mixture, adding additional drops, until it closely matches the color of your redwood deck.

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