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Report sees "momentum" against climate change and its

Frumkin, a former environmental health director at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said climate change, which allows mosquitoes to live in more places and stay active longer

Indonesian men say they were enslaved on Hawaii-based

Attorneys for Abdul Fatah and Sorihin, who uses one name, say in a lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday that they were recruited in Indonesia seven years ago to work in Hawaiis commercial

Hawaii volcano today: Lava from Kilauea destroys more

HONOLULU -- Lava from Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano has destroyed more than 150 homes in a rural Big Island district, including that of Big Island Mayor Harry Kim.

Hawaii lava delta collapse: New viewing area opens on

VOLCANO, Hawaii -- The National Park Service has created a new lava viewing area on the Big Island after a large section of lava crumbled into the ocean on New Years Eve.

Seattle bans sts and utensils made of plastic

In Hawaii, legislation to ban plastic sts died this year, with business groups, including the Hawaii Restaurant Association and Hawaii Food Industry Association, testifying against the measure.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Huge floating device isn't

A floating device sent to corral a swirling island of trash in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii has not swept up any plastic waste. But the young innovator behind the project said

Hawaii moves to ban sale of sunscreens with coral-harming

Hawaii is ending the sale of sunscreen containing two chemicals believed to harm coral reefs. Gov. David Ige on Tuesday signed legislation which makes Hawaii the first U.S. state to enact a ban on

Plastic Decomposes at Sea, Study Says

"Plastics in daily use are generally assumed to be quite stable," Katsuhiko Saido, a chemist at Nihon University, Chiba, Japan, said in a statement.

Military turns to oyster reefs for protection against

The facility has allowed an environmental group to plant nearly a mile of oyster reefs about a quarter-mile off its shoreline to serve as a natural buffer to storm-driven wave damage.

Obama's "Aloha" Days In The Spotlight

Until recently, the players on Hawaii's 1979 state basketball championship team thought their glory days were behind them, consigned to yearbooks and faded newspaper clippings.

Ecological roulette: Sea critters

A 9.0-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami on March 11, 2011, that swept boats, docks, buoys and other man-made materials into the Pacific. The debris drifted east with

Besides lava and ash, Hawaii volcano is pumping out

HONOLULU Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has had it all over the past three weeks: molten rock shooting toward the sky, lava oozing from the ground and ash clouds rising miles into the air.

Marriott ending plastic st use in all it hotels

The world's largest hotel company said Wednesday that the move will eliminate approximately 1 billion sts and 250 million stirrers by July 2019.

Biggest PC Games to Play in 2018

Crackdown 3 is going to be one of the Xbox One's marquee exclusive games, featuring immense levels of environmental destruction in an open world--an evolution of the previous games in the series

Deck hand saved lives as fishing boat sank off Hawaii

HONOLULU-- Khanh Huynh has been a commercial fisherman since he was 12 years old. For the past six years, he's been living on a fishing boat in Hawaii, catching ahi tuna for some of the

How wineries from Oregon to France are adapting to climate

As she spoke, customers enjoyed glasses of wine on a deck with a view of vineyards budding in the spring sunshine, the forested mountains of the Coast Range beyond. "It's our goal to keep this

Fast-moving erosion threatens Hawaii coastal homes

Property owners wanting to build a seawall would need to draft an environmental study and get a state permit, a process that could take months.

How much nuclear waste is in your state?

New Mexico: 4.9 metric tons. New Mexico doesn't have any spent fuel rods, but it is home to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant WIPP which hosts 4.9 metric tons of plutonium deep in a salt mine.

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