notching round fence posts

Pokemon Emerald Version Breeding/Training FAQ for Game Boy

In Ruby/Sapphire/Leaf Green/Fire Red, when you see the man step out of his fence indicating he has an egg for you, the gender and the Ability of that baby are fixed, but the Nature and IV's are not. When you take the egg, the Nature and IV's now become set. In Emerald, when you see the man step out of his fence indicating he has an egg for you, the gender and the Ability AND the Nature of that

Wild ARMs 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by Syonyx

Chase him past the man repairing the roof of the inn until he jumps across the lamp post, then talk to the innkeeper on the roof. Ask him to help you catch the cat, then jump down and climb up from the bakery again. Chase the cat again until he falls into the inn, then go after him. Touch him to return to the boys and receive your reward of Grudiev and a Crest Cap. Alternately, if you're in a

Lost Odyssey Spoiler-Free Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by Fang

Run round the outside and grab the poster with 100G inside. Now, you need to solve a little puzzle - you need to talk to the guards and then get out of their line of sight so they start patrolling, then sneak behind them and move the wooden crates to make a path. First, talk to the northernmost guard. Move out of sight behind the boxes to the right. When he starts moving, run into where he was

Fallout 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by Absolute Steve

Many goodies can be grabbed here: The SUPER-DUPER PHARMACY KEY is in one of the metal boxes, BOTTLECAP MINE x2 are just lying around, the Grenade Box holds FRAG GRENADES x3 , the Ammo Box on the floor holds 10MM ROUND x9 , and the locked Ammo Box in the cabinet holds more 10MM ROUND x16 . Head back to the door leading to the storage room. Inside are many things ripe for the taking, so

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Veshark's Top 8 Villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, I'm bracing for it. The passionate arguments for the inclusion of your favorite villain. The mocking and haranguing of one of the

UFC 169: Barao, Aldo defend titles with power, class

Makdessi rises and they clinch against the fence, where the round ends. I'm gonna d a st from a hat and give this round to Patrick, 10-9. But I'm that stupid judge who sees a late takedown

Medal of Honor: European Assault Walkthrough

The latest Medal of Honor game comes with optional objectives and a healthy amount of challenge. Our walkthrough for the game will let you know how to get all of the hidden objectives

Toshiba Satellite U845T review: Great battery life and a

The Good The Toshiba Satellite U845T is thin, with a decent brushed-aluminum body, a 128GB SSD, and better performance and battery life than the competition. The Bad The keyboard has squeezed-down

Minnesota's Northwest Angle, an American geographic oddity

A faulty 18th century map led to the unusual bump along the northern border of the U.S., posing unusual logistical problems for residents

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Yanny or Laurel this: Viral illusions freak out the

This Facebook post turned into a social-media frenzy in 2016. The challenge is finding the cell phone hidden within the image of a white table on a floral carpet.

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