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What is the best way to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood

I have Brazilian cherry hardwood floors that I installed in my own home. I use a hardwood floor cleaner from Zep, that I get at Seven Trust. You should not spray the floor directly, spray the cleaner onto the floor cleaning pad or cloth. I use microfiber, and go the direction of the wood planks.

How to Clean New Brazilian Cherry Hard Wood Floors

How is the best way to clean new brazilian cherry hardwood floors? Any help is appreciated Also, we have a toddler and a dog. Any good ways to keep them from destroying the floors? Thanks. Respond to Question We also have Brazilian Cherry Hard Wood Floors. They are beautiful, but ours scratch very easily.

Best Prefinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring The

It also makes these floors easy to clean, which is another big plus. But if you do not have access to a professional floor installation team, this Kingsport product is not the best prefinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring for you. It is very easy to damage the flooring with tongue and groove.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors The Right Way Hometalk

Cleaning a wood floor is frustrating. I have heard a zillion ways to clean. My dog urinated on my hardwood floor and took the finish off to bare wood. Also, my cleaning lady used a wet mop on the floor and left streaks that dulled the finish. It is easy to DIY customize a floor mat. I wanted a memory foam type mat for my kitchen but

Tips for Cleaning Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring can be one of the most beautiful types of flooring in the world. However, if you do not maintain them properly, they can start to look bad. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring.

How to Clean your Exotic Hardwood Floor - by Brazilian

Cleaning instructions for your hardwood floor, by Brazilian Direct.Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring, Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Teak, and other Exotic Hardwood Floors and a full line of accessories direct from the manufacturer. How to clean your Exotic Hardwood Floor.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors- how to clean? GBCN

Hi, I don't usually post on this board, but after searching the internet up and down, I keep finding contradicting theories on how best to clean brazilian cherry floors.

Brazilian Cherry Wood Floor Cleaner Clean and Restore Floors

Brazilian Cherry Wood, a.k.a. Jatoba, is the most popular hardwood flooring imported from Brazil. This South American native is relatively rare and expensive. It is most frequently used where good shock resistance is needed such as in flooring.

Brazilian Hardwood Floors: Comparisons, Prices

Brazilian hardwood flooring is one of the hottest trends in bare flooring right now. both of which include Parquet and powered brush heads to make it easy to clean every floor on the market, Welcome to Pet My Carpet. Were Mike and Melissa, and we clean homes for families with pets, children, and allergies for a living.

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