advantages of engineered structural wood

I-Joist Web Stiffeners

Web stiffener blocks may be comprised of lumber, rim board, or wood structural panels. The minimum grade of wood structural panels is Rated Sheathing; minimum lumber grade is Utility grade SPF

Stem Cells Deliver Against Cancer

The research team used the benefits of a known anticancer therapy, interferon beta, that can kill cancer cells. In practice, that therapy has proven problematic.

structural wood beams

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The Engineered Wood Association, which brought together many of the project's sponsors, saw the process as an opportunity to highlight a variety of innovative building materials.

I-Joist Filler Blocks

Filler blocks are used to fill the rectangular space between a pair and more of I-joists acting as a single bending member. The purpose of the blocks is to transfer load from one bending member to

What do furniture and IT organizations have in common?

Many companies seek an organizational veneer when expanding their companies or attempting to cure a structural problem, whether through technology or process improvement projects.

Understanding layered security and defense

Corporate vendors of security software are in an interesting position. In order to best serve their business goals, they must on one hand try to sell integrated, comprehensive solutions to lock

Installation of Stucco Exterior Finish Over Wood

Wood structural panel wall sheathing is especially beneficial in high-wind regions such as the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast, and in earthquake-prone regions. Walls covered with wood structural


White Papers · Mar 2002 · Provided By APA - The Engineered Wood Association Web stiffener blocks may be comprised of lumber, rim board, or wood structural panels.

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