hygienic wall panels of anti fungal

Tiangong 1: Chinese satellite falls to Earth, mostly burns

Tiangong 1, China's defunct and reportedly out-of-control space station, re-entered the Earth's atmosphere Sunday night, Chinese space authorities say. It mostly burnt up on re-entry over the

H1N1 Kills 11 Kids in Week

Wall Street jumps on optimism over U.S.-China trade talks Investors are watching for progress in U.S.-China trade talks and in negotiations to avert a second government shutdown 4H ago

antifungal mouth rinse or lozenges

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Bambino Gesu children's hospital

ROME-- When doctors and nurses at the Vatican's showcase children's hospital complained in 2014 that corners were being cut and medical protocols ignored, the Vatican responded by ordering up a

Tainted Food Is A Way Of Life In Asia

Tainted Food Is A Way Of Life In Asia. By Lindsay Goldwert Updated on: June 17, 2007 / 12:30 AM / AP As Nguyen Van Ninh needles his chopsticks through a steaming bowl of Vietnam's famous noodle

Vaccination Fear Causes Measles Spate

The country's largest measles outbreak in a decade was sparked when an unvaccinated teenager returned from a mission trip to Romania and attended a single church gathering with other unvaccinated

9-year-old boy collects coats help those in need in his

In the midst of the polar vortex, a 9-year-old from New Jersey is doing his part to make sure his community stays warm. With the help of his family, Sandro Cunningham started Sandro's Coat Rack

Relationships/Sex Dr. Phil

Phil and his panel of medical experts discuss the new science behind a cheaterĂ¢ s brain and what can be done if your loved one is at a higher risk. Warning Signs You May Be Dating a Married Man Author and former mistress, Sarah Symonds, gives her tips for recognizing the signs that a man you're dating may be married.

Australia to abandon "sexist" tampon tax in Goods and

But tampons and other women's hygiene products were not. Since then, the "tampon tax" has dn widespread fire, branded as "sexist" by campners, and a regular source of bickering between

Lab Confirms Salmonella Strain in Outbreak

A strain of Salmonella has been linked to an outbreak that made 189 people sick in 49 states Monday during testing at the University of Iowa. Thirty-five people have been hospitalized from the

Wacom Intuos4 Wireless review: Wacom Intuos4 Wireless

And if you get sloppy with your battery hygiene, you can kill the battery altogether. Per the manual: "If the battery charge is low and the battery remains in the tablet for a long period of time

Estrogen Tapped For Cancer-Causing List

A panel of federal scientific advisers says estrogen should be placed on the nation's list of cancer-causing substances, even though it remains a good treatment for many women.

Airport security trays carry more germs than toilets

Depression during and after pregnancy can be prevented, panel says Up to 1 in 7 women experience what's called perinatal depression, and a task force has issued new recommendations to help prevent it

Russia Stakes Out Stronghold In Georgia

The war in a small country straining to escape Moscow's influence has sent tensions between Russia and the West to some of their highest levels since the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union.

Where the gender pay gap may start: At home

Murset speculates that some of the pay gap may come from parents paying their boys to do basic grooming. The site suggests paying 25 cents to brush your teeth or floss and 50 cents to shower.

Pharmacist linked to deadly meningitis outbreak cleared of

Depression during and after pregnancy can be prevented, panel says Up to 1 in 7 women experience what's called perinatal depression, and a task force has issued new recommendations to help prevent it

Man diagnosed with world's first human case of rat disease

A 56-year-old man from Hong Kong has developed the world's first human case of rat hepatitis E, Chinese scientists announced Friday.

Antibacterial Soaps Cause Concern

A government advisory panel will take a look at that Thursday. The popularity of soaps and other products claiming antibacterial properties skyrocketed in the last decade as consumers turned to

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