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10 Expert Tips to Care for Wood Floors Real Simple

Whether youre thinking about adding hardwood floors to your home or just need to take better care of the ones you have, now is the perfect time to put your wood floor knowledge to the test. Consider this your how-to manual on preserving hardwood floors. In the Beginning: 1.

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Professional hardwood floor deep cleaning. Recommended once every 1-2 years. Maintenance coats or polish may be applied as needed basis on high traffic floors.

How Moisture Affects Hardwood Flooring Find a Flooring

Summer Time. Even just a few days of humidity can cause wood flooring to cup, which means that the edges on the wooden board are higher than its center. Cupping can also happen when spilled water gets absorbed by your hardwood floors. To avoid cupping, keep your indoor humidity levels between 40-60%.

How to Care for your Hardwood Floors in the Summer

2 Keep Humidity Levels Balanced Keeping the humidity levels in your home between 35-55% will prevent your hardwood floors from moisture damage. 3 Run the AC Air conditioning will drastically reduce the humidity levels in your home.

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Since hardwood flooring is a living material, it will expand and contract with changes in humidity. When you have too much humidity, wood floors will expand and may cause swelling.

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Damp-mop once per month with a hardwood floor cleaner. Use a damp flat mop with a microfiber head. Do not dampen it with water. Instead, mist the mop head lightly with a cleaner made specifically for hardwood. Use the minimum amount of cleaner required to get the floor clean.

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Humidity On Hardwood Floors. But at some point in the Fall we turn the heat on and bake these floors to desert dryness. An un-humidified house can easily reach a 25% level in the middle of winter. These extremes on solid wood will cause the wood to reach an equilibrium moisture content of as high as 14% in the summer and as little as 5% in

The Importance of Relative Humidity for Hardwood Flooring

and hardwood Floors. During the humid season, the hardwood floor absorbs moisture from the air. As a result, the wooden floor begins to swell and expand. When wooden floors expands, there will be pressure between the boards. Consequently, the floor will begin to cup, warp, crush the edges and even cracks.

How High and Low Humidity Can Ruin Your Wood Floors

Maintaining stable humidity in your home year-round is crucial for protecting your hardwood floors. A trip to the hardware store will net you a humidistat or a hydrometer, either of which will tell you what the relative humidity is in your home.

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Cali Bamboo floors, like all species of hardwood flooring, are subject to changes in temperature and humidity. Seasonal fluctuations in relative humidity may cause the wood flooring to gain moisture with periods of high humidity, and lose moisture during low periods of humidity.

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HARDWOOD FLOOR CARE Follow these tips to find out how to clean wood floors. Routine maintenance and using the proper hardwood floor cleaner makes cleaning hardwood floors a breeze and will keep your floor looking beautiful for years to come.


HARDWOOD FLOORING CARE AND CLEANING TIPS Non-Heating Season Humid and Wet Conditions To prevent excessive expansion, cupping and peaking of the floor, which could Routine Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Sweep, dust mop, or vacuum regularly using the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Mannington Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide

You can protect your Mannington Hardwood Floor by following these easy guidelines. Wood is a natural product that lives in a comfort zone of 35% - 55% relative humidity, and between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure the long life of your wood floor, the HVAC system should remain active at all times.

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Care, Upkeep and Humidity Caring for your hardwood or laminate floor is easier than ever, thanks to todays modern finishes. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Maintenance. All Cleaning Repairing. Repairing. Flooding and Hurricane Damage To Wood Floors. Humidity On Hardwood Floors. By. Question and Answers. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. You should maintain an indoor humidity level of about 40-60%. And I mean all year round. So, if this was a particularly hot and humid summer a long one

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Care and Maintenance of Hardwood Floors. One walk across a wood floor with shoes like that and damage is a certainty. But the heels of your regular shoes are also a potential danger if not in good repairespecially high heels. Maintaining a relative humidity level between 45 and 65% in your home throughout the year will minimize the

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In humid environments, wood gains moisture and swells. In dry environments, wood loses moisture and shrinks. This is completely normal and happens at all stages of the wood life cycle, even as the tree is growing in the forest.

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Bamboo flooring is tough, but all hardwood flooring is pervious to dents, scratches, discoloration or other natural or man-made damage. Prevention is a big part of the care for bamboo floors.

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Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance. Remove sticky substances, such as candle wax or chewing gum, by applying ice to harden the substance and then gently scraping with a plastic scraper. Tip: A credit card makes a good substitute. Be careful not to scratch the flooring surface. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors DIY

Hardwood floors bring an earthy, warm beauty to your home. Theyre durable and, with proper care, last for decades. You can keep them looking lovely by following these tips on how to clean hardwood floors.

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