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Ensure all employees and others near the treated wood-handling area are properly protected. Treated Wood Use, Disposal and Alternatives for Businesses w-hw4-67 September 2010 page 3 In Minnesota, the following items may be disposed of in Treated wood used for structural lumber includes wood treated with all of the

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e Decks, fences, playground equipment, and other products constructed or installed after September 1, 2006 shall not be made from chromated copper arsenate CCA pressure-treated wood unless the use of CCA-treated wood is for an approved use listed on the CCA product label and allowed under the US EPA Supplemental Guidance on Interpretation

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Note: the comparison sample was rough sawn lumber which is not acceptable for playground equipment according to AWPA standard C17. Evaluation of Risk to Children Using Arsenic-Treated Playground Equipment. Approximately 59.5 mg arsenic/m2 of treated wood surface area leached from the treated pilings, but arsenic did not appear to adsorb

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CCA Treated Timber In Playgrounds and Cubby Houses. Toxic arsenic treated wood can still be found in childrens parks and home play areas. / CCA Treated Timber In Playgrounds and Cubby Houses. Exposing Our Children To Toxic Chemicals.

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Health and Safety. Taking care with materials, equipment and work procedures and dealing with hazards. CCA treated timber also commonly called tanalised timber contains copper, chromium and arsenic, which is a toxic chemical mixture but is relatively inert once fixed in the timber. Wash exposed areas of your body after working with

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Railroad Ties in Playgrounds. Creosote treated wood from fences, bridges, railroad ties, or telephone poles are not recommended for use in playgrounds. gardens, and on farms. Additionally, landscape timbers and lumber treated with chromate copper arsenate CCA as a protection against weather, mold, and insects, has been phased out, but

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areas, pain, organ damage, circulatory and nervous used on lumber, plywood, and timbers for fencing, playground equipment, and decking. Other water- borne preservatives include ammoniacal containing pressure-treated wood, may require permit approval by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois

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Border Options for Playground Areas Funtimbers Plastic Border Timbers Safe. Funtimbers have rounded corners and no sharp edges, making them safe for any play area, and unlike treated wood timbers, Funtimbers will never rot, decay, splinter, or secrete poisonous arsenic like treated wood timbers.

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Overview of Wood Preservative Chemicals. freshly cut logs or lumber are treated and then manufactured into products such as: Seasoned building materials. framing, sill plates, gazebos, fencing, and posts. It is restricted from use in aquatic areas, construction of beehives, or any application associated with the packaging of food or

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How to Install Landscape Timber Edging. By David Beaulieu. Updated 12/23/18. Pin Share Email All landscape timbers should be pressure-treated to prevent premature rot due to ground contact. Add soil if necessary to bring the area up to the proper level, then pack it down again.

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Adults should use special precautions in handling pressure-treated wood when constructing the playground or play structures. For all wood treatment substances, including arsenic, double coat the pressure-treated wood with an appropriate non-toxic, non-slippery wood sealant, such as an oil-based stain.

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March, 2003 The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that playground equipment made of pressure-treated wood may pose a long-term cancer risk to children. February 12, 2003 EPA announces that the lumber industry has decided to cease production of residential products using CCA

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z-Easy Playground Border Installation; safe and attractive playground area, with ease. Determine how many Timbers and Anchor Joints youll need to surround your playground perimeter. Composite Timbers can easily be trimmed with a saw and new screw holes made with a household drill.

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Outdoor Wood Wall Panel Wholesale>treated wood timbers for playground areas Right choice Choose WPC Product, which is your right choice, high quality wood-plastic composite deck, floor, fence, wallboard, can be used for a long time.

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