best flooring for damp areas

Cedar Rapids residents evacuate homes ahead of flooding in

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa-- Residents are leaving low-lying areas of Cedar Rapids, adhering to a request by authorities to clear out by 8 p.m. Sunday due to the risk of flooding from the rising Cedar River.

De-Germing Your House: Words to the Wise

Some of the most concentrated areas for germs in your kitchen are:-- The sink: Your kitchen sink contains 100,000 times more germs than your toilet.

iRobot's short range mop concentrates on cleaning

The damp cycle covers everything twice, and wet mopping uses more water and goes over it all three times, hitting the lower end of the product's area range as a result of the extra passes. During

How to get rid of tough carpet stains yes, even cat pee

Next, dab gently with a damp cloth or paper towel. Use plain fabric or paper towels without any colors or prints and press gently into the stain; this process can take several minutes, so be patient.

How to keep your hardwood floors looking fantastic

A damp cotton or microfiber cloth is ideal for spot cleaning. Consider applying a UV coating on your home's windows. UV rays can bleach the hardwood over time, leaving discolored spots on areas

Close-ups of Mars' surface photos

Hydrated minerals at Stokes Crater. In the area known as the northern lowlands, which cover nearly half of the planet, this image of the Stokes Crater shows hydrated minerals detected from orbit.

Top Tumi T tech Man Black Water Resistant Jacket Size Xl

Find and shopping results for Tumi T tech Man Black Water Resistant Jacket Size Xl $260 from mySimon.com. mySimon.com has the best deals and lowest prices on Tumi T tech Man Black Water Resistant Jacket Size Xl $260

Best Al Fresco in Phoenix area

Read the Best Al Fresco in Phoenix area discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Southwest food community. Join the discussion today.

College Dorm Appliances That Will Come in Handy During the

So, youll host a few parties, have a few drinks, and with this bottle opener, you wont have to worry about finding bottle caps all over your floor for weeks after your party. The cap falls right into a case attached to the bottle opener Microwavable Cookware Amazon When you move into your dorm, get acquainted with your microwave. Itll be your very best friend for four years. Im

Computer on carpet

Computer on carpet. By olivierb · 11 If you place a tower directly on any floor, plan on cleaning the dust out at least once a month. You can increase the time between cleanings by about 1

iRobot Braava 380t review: iRobot's automated mop just isn

Wet- and dry-mopping modes each have their own distinct cleaning head. The dry cleaning head is designed to work with disposable Swiffer-style cloths as well as the included dry microfiber cloth

How to buy a vacuum cleaner

Takeaway: Best if you have the space to store something tall and if you want a deep clean of your carpets. They typically weigh more than other models, so an upright stick vacuum might be a good

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