lattice door under deck

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix FAQ/Walkthrough for PC

Kill both of them and the door under deviant 1 will become pick-able. Pick the door and go up the ladder to recover the computer virus from where you killed deviant 1. This will end the mission. Mission 6: New York: New York: The Armory: November 10, 2002 You are to meet up with Sam in the armory and deliver the computer disk. Walk up to the armory just to have it explode in your face. Now you

Mass Effect 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Warfreak

However, the last door, the one dead ahead at the fork of three doors, will need some help, seeing that is the Engine room, and you need to clean it out. Back upstairs, we need to find that one area. Move to the bridge, and on the right, there is the bridge security console that you need to hack. Open the door, and take some cover. There are going to be a fair amount of troopers inside

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by

Go into the hallway and use the optic cable to look under the door. When you see the guard close to the door, open it and he'll come in to investigate. Move to the right behind the wall as soon as you open it and d your gun. Shoot him with a headshot. You can't take more than 1 shot or he can't shoot at you or the other guy in the room ahead will sound the alarm, making a mission failure

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door FAQ/Walkthrough for

The door on the far wall opens on it's own; go through it to enter a high-tech hallway. There's a door about halfway down, but it's won't open. The far door opens as Peach approaches it, so go through. This room is dominated by a massive computer. A voice speaks to Peach, and is revealed to be the computer itself. It's called TEC-XX, but lets Peach call it TEC. I didn't know computers liked

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360

Looking at this door, turn left and you'll find a Scrye near the lattice wall. Activate that and you'll see the door open in the small hall beyond. Go into this hall but watch against the right lattice wall for another Scrye just before the room you opened. Use this to open the large door in the previous room. Loot the chest ahead if you like and then head back to the large door.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut FAQ

scene If you examine the lattice on the left before you go to the door, you'll see a kimono room. Note this area for later. If you're in hard or nightmare mode, snap a picture of "waiting woman". When you get to the door you get another scene. Creepy, huh? You have no weapons just yet, but no worries. Nothing will attack you. After the scene, check your map. You are in the 1st floor Sunken


The front door is the first and last part of your home that visitors or potential buyers encounter. For this reason, it should reinforce the positive impression made by your property. If you have

Hitman Walkthrough

Head through the door on the southern end of the engine room to reach a pair of stairs leading up to the 2nd Deck, Staff Quarters. There isn't much on this level to worry about, save for a uniform

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