swimming pool with woods

Pee in Walden Pond: How people are tainting Thoreau's

Human activity around the pristine pond where Henry David Thoreau wrote his famous book Walden, or, Life in the Woods is altering its ecosystem, new research finds.

Eerie photos of abandoned military sites

An empty swimming pool still stands in the officers' building at Wünsdorf. The military camp reportedly was the Soviets' largest base outside of Russia. The military camp reportedly was the

Friends Have Swim Meet in the Snow Inside Edition

On your mark. Get set. Swim? Some friends had a swim meet in the snow after a storm blanketed the area. They all dove head first into a swimming pool that was covered in snow.

Casey Anthony Trial Update: Meter reader Roy Kronk, who

Pictures: Casey and Caylee Anthony, Personal Photos. Kronk found Caylee's remains in December 2008 in a wooded lot near the Anthony family's east Orange County home.

There Goes The Neighborhood Lyrics

Lyrics to 'There Goes the Neighborhood' by Corey Smith. I had a place on a dirt road's end, / back in the woods near the Broad River bend. / I had a

Casey Anthony Trial Update: Meter reader Roy Kronk may

The defense claims that Roy Kronk placed Caylee's body in the woods so he could receive the reward money

Weird real estate: Oddly shaped houses

Kids and adults will love this funky estate -- in addition to the playful colors and massive living space, the house boasts a large swimming pool with a slide. Adults may take refuge in the

Bear takes a dip in New Jersey pool

Fariello said it's all about food and shelter as it's a quicker bite to eat from the trash than foraging the woods. "They are very aquatic," Fariello said. "They love the water, they love swimming."

Elin Nordegren, Tiger's ex, bulldozes $12M house

Elin Nordegren, the former Swedish model who divorced golf pro Tiger Woods after a five year marriage when his infidelity was revealed, has reportedly demolished her $12 million home in exclusive

Passover 2015 Hotel Reviews

Heck, we have 17 rooms, separate Pesach kitchen, a swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Basketball, woods, nature, video games, ping pong, etc. But it still means we do the work and house the guests, albeit in a resort like setting.

Jodi Huisentruit mystery: The decades-long search for the

Produced by Clare Friedland, Ruth Chenetz and Chris Young Ritzen Jodi Huisentruit was an anchor at KIMT-TV, the CBS affiliate in Mason City, Iowa. Her star was on the rise when she disappeared on

Atlantic City

A candidate for "most beautiful bather" appears, for the first time wearing a bikini, at the Molitor swimming pool in Paris, July 5, 1946. "You had two-piece bathing suits in France from the 1930s

Man rescues baby deer on the verge of drowning in swimming

A baby deer and its mother wandered into a back yard in Augusta, Kansas, on Wednesday and the baby quickly found itself in trouble. When the young deer fell into the family's swimming pool, the

Stephen Lynch

Lyrics to 'Whittlin' Man' by Stephen Lynch. In the woods of Northern Michigan he made his home. / Didn't ask much from the world, just wanted to be alone. / And

Henry Cavill, Orlando Bloom and More Actors on 'Midsomer

Season 4, Episode 6: Tainted Fruit As the arrogant Melissa Townsend, the future Into the Woods and Hot Fuzz actress was found dead by the swimming pool of her manor in Midsomer Malham in a

Nick Jonas 'Not Rushing' Priyanka Chopra Wedding After

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom home features expansive canyon views, a floating guest wing and an extended wood terrace that surrounds a swimming pool to create a courtyard effect.

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