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RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes FAQ/Walkthrough for

The vandalized bench will be broken in half, the garbage cans will be tipped over, and lamps will have their lights broken. Simply replace the old items with new ones to fix. Don't right click to remove That may get rid of the path as well So who are all these vandals? If you check the people screen, the vandals are the ones with the red snarling faces. If you manage to catch one of these

1/06/06 How to evict those dust bunnies living in your PC

CNET's forum on computer help is the best source for finding the solutions to your computer problems. You'll find discussions about fixing problems with computer hardware, computer software

Deus Ex FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Djibriel

The Deus Ex Walkthrough and Companion Guide Version 1.1 Djibriel, April 2014 "Paranoia means having all the facts." - William S. Burroughs Contents 1.0 Version History 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Walkthrough and Notes 4.0 Skills and Relevant Items 5.0 Augmentations 6.0 Links 7.0 Thanks 'nd Credits

Family Feud: 2012 Edition Question/Answer List for Wii by

1 - lamp 1 - light 2 - bench 2 - chair 2 - seat 2 - your chair 3 - window 4 - carpet 4 - cover 4 - doormat 4 - floor mat 4 - mat 4 - rug 4 - welcome mat 5 - boob tube 5 - on television 5 - television 5 - tube 5 - tv 6 - door 6 - entrance 6 - the door Name a reason why a wedding might be canceled. 1 - change mind 1 - cold feet 1 - dont want to 1 - feet 1 - not sure 1 - runaway bride 1 - second

Far Cry 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by cheezzhead

To refill your supply, you can use medical kits scattered around the world. Mobile medkits which you can pick up give you 1, 2 or 3 sirettes, depending on the difficulty. Large medkits hanging on the wall will max out your sirettes. You can also use bottles of water to replenish health. Malaria ----- At the beginning of the game, your character will contract malaria. This annoying sickness

Fallout: New Vegas

Pilot light. used for making gas bombs, but component of gas bombs, duct tape is best used for weapon repair kits. Sell these. NOTE:There are 4 different endings to the game depending on which faction you support. You can side with the NCR, side with MR. House, Side with the Legion, or take over yourself. In this walkthrough we are going to choose choices which side us with MR. House. NOTE:We

Mafia FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by Geezguy

Theres a med-kit to the right of the key holder, but I recommend you to save it unless you have below 50 HP. Now, take the stairs up and watch out for any guard. Go to the corridor to the right once youve taken the first staircase up. Turn left in the corridor and follow the corridor until you spot a wooden door to the left not the double door with glass on it, go past that one and go

Tomb Raider: Legend FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

TOMB RAIDER: LEGEND - PC/PS2/GC/XBOX FAQ/Walkthrough by J Woodrow <mansion880 yahoo.co.uk> Version 1.0 - 2008/03/03 Lara Croft T O M B R A I D E R ----- L E G E N D -- Adaptation by J Woodrow ----- o BOLIVIA - Tiwanaku Anaya telephoned today. She heard a rumour about an ancient temple in Bolivia that contains an ornate stone dais. It could be the one I'm looking for. I'm setting

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If you want a passenger seat or rear bench, be prepared to shell out $1 each. No, really. No, really. Cloth is standard, with leather/Alcantara upholstery optional.

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough for PC by eolsunder

One direction leads to a small room with a reloading bench and GUNS AND BULLETS , while the other goes to the main ARMORY. There is a ton of great loot here, so stock up. The unique ALL-AMERICAN Carbine is just the starts, there is a LOCKPICK:100 footlocker that holds a PULSE GUN . If you have no way of getting this yet, a later quest will bring us back. MISSILE LAUNCHERS , MINI-GUNS

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy FAQ/Walkthrough

----- You'll receive a new garden for Bloom Burst Wonderland for solving the puzzle and you will be able to go inside the station, so go back to your map and head inside. To find the Hint Coins here, check the clock hanging up 092 , the flyer with the car on the left side 093 and the flyer on the notice board on the right side 094 . On the left side, get the WAITING ROOM BENCH mystery

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for

Then you see a Mean Street Taxis bench, a Marquis 69 sail boat, and Washington Beach by the low beachfront wall. The final shot is of the Standing Vice Point hotel. It's about halfway up the E island, SE of the Malibu Club. As with "GTA III," don't look for some of the things in the Stephen Bliss car- toon montage, also shown on the front of the box the game comes in, during the game. The game

Mafia FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by CrescentSaber

Next to the bench there is a power box. Use the box twice to turn off the lights. Go and grab Salvetore. Run to the left part of the garden, and hug the wall whilst running. There is a side entrance to the house, which leads directly to some stairs. Get Salvetore to open the door I forgot to grab the key from the guard, this will probably open the door no problems, without Salvetore and get

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