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MARCORE CATALOG. Marcore is a 2" deep dovetail shaped structural composite floor deck, roof deck or accoustical deck. View All>. Contact Us. If you have questions about our facilites or products, please contact our office. 6808 Harney Road. Tampa, Florida 33610. Phone: 813-621-1375.

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Structural roof decking and trays Corus Panels and Profiles Steel and Aluminium To offer the structural deck specifier more choice, we can Structural roof deck profile range Corus Holland D135 D153 D158 D200 130 HL600/130 38.50 60 Cover width 600 HL600/130 Perf 33%

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Firestall Roof Deck. Firestall Roof Decking is a nailable Class "A" fire rated structural roof decking, made of multiple plies of Homasote structural board and a face ply of UL-listed N.C.F.R. Homasote. It is designed for use as a structural, load-bearing decking in residential and commercial buildings that require a Class A 25 flame spread rated decking.

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Structural roof decking is often specified when a sleek, modern aesthetic is desired and in high performance roofs where fixings need to be hidden. Typical applications for roof decking are standing seam roofs, green roofs, single ply membrane, slates and tiles, three ply felt and asphalt.

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Structural roof decking provides the platform and strength for many roof structures today. The physical performance of structural roof decking provides an ideal base for metal standing seams, bitumen, single ply membrane and green roofs.

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Reveal Series is a suite of metal deck products that utilizes the inherent strength and aesthetic appeal of the dovetail shape to provide architectural and structural design communities a vast array of composite floor and roof deck options.

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Metal floor and roof deck is available in many types, heights, and thicknesses but builders that use the term Q-Deck often are not sure what type of deck they are talking about. COMPOSITE DECK: Allegheny Design Services is a Structural Engineering and MEP Consulting Engineering Firm based in North Central West Virginia. Working

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If it's metal decking you need, you can rely on A.C.T. the metal deck experts ANY size. ANY place. ANY time. A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply stocks the metal deck and metal deck accessories you need for delivery or pickup. Whether you need immediate stock from our warehouse or a preplanned custom fabricated order, we can get the deck you need.

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2.1 Steel Roof Deck: The steel roof deck units shall be fabricated from steel conforming to Section A3 of the latest edition, 1986 of the American Iron and Steel Institute, Specifications for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members. The steel used shall have a minimum yield strength of 33 ksi 230 MPa .

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LWIC roof deck. composite roof deck systems mentioned above derive their structural performance capabilities from SCA. Should a composite roof deck assembly lose its SCA, it will suffer a substantial loss of structural capacity. This will place the building in a non-code-complying state, and the building can be classiied as dan-

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Fiberglass Roof Deck With outstanding corrosion resistance, Tuff Span fiberglass FRP/GRP roof deck from Enduro provides long-term structural support for both single ply membrane and built-up roofing materials.

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1.1 Panel Features and Benefits. Composite deck 3 inch deep, 36 inch coverage, 10 foot to 14 foot Optimal Span Range. No Acustadek Options. Proven for 10 to 14 foot span conditions Meets SDI 3x12 inch standard profile requirements Longer unshored spans than 2WH-36 and BH-36 Meets industry standard 4.5" min.

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Loadmaster engineered roof deck systems are an engineered structural composite comprised of steel deck, roof insulation, and a high-density gypsum coverboard. Loadmaster provides a wide range of deck assemblies and can accommodate almost any type of roofing.

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structural and deep deck products. From the typical 1½ to 3 roof and composite floor deck, to concrete form deck, to long spanning deep deck profiles, ASC Steel Decks extensive product offer meets the needs of the most complex conditions and demands for structural performance and design. Most of our roof deck products

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