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The Motley Fool Discussion Boards: The Best Financial Community on the Web. In my front yard is a PVC pipe about three inches in diameter sticking up out of the ground a couple of inches. It's about four feet from the front of my house just outside the flower bed.

Can PVC and CPVC pipe be installed underground? How deep

Can PVC and CPVC pipe be installed underground? How deep does it have to be buried? This snaking is necessary in order to allow for any anticipated thermal contraction that will take place in the newly joined pipeline. At vertical transitions from below ground systems to connections above ground, follow above ground installation

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Installing Composite Deck Skirting and Fascia. Low maintenance cellular PVC is available in board and sheets and comes in smooth or textured finishes. Cellular PVC products come in white but can be painted, if desired. fascia and an access door under your deck. The nailer board follows the ground.

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Plastic pipe will grow at the fastest pace, states the report, Plastic and Competitive Pipe to 2013, with polyvinyl chloride PVC remaining the The thought that metal conduit is always there as your last defense for ground faults is nice as well. Time and a place. Nevertheless, PVC installation can be complicated, particularly

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can pvc board be place on the ground Cellular PVC Trim - CertainTeedWhether smooth or woodgrain, cellular pvc trim complements vinyl, wood, stucco, fiber cement, brick and stone. Cellular pvc is long-lasting and resists the damaging effects of wood-boring insects, freeze/thaw cycles and high humidity.

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Made with the latest composite technology, composite trim boards won't rot, absorb moisture, delaminate or split. Seven Trust PVC Trimboards. AZEK is the leading brand of cellular pvc offering an unequalled In fact, since AZEK can be used in direct contact with the ground or masonry it is the perfect choice for moisture-prone applications

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Cutting and Installing Plastic Trim. Cellular PVC board polyvinyl chloride trim is a close cousin of the familiar white plastic plumbing pipes. Its an especially good substitute for wood trim in areas that are highly exposed to water, such as corner trim boards and door trim thats near the ground or unprotected by an overhang.

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Polyvinyl chloride PVC is manufactured in an interior, exterior or cellular form. Lumber made from it is cellular, which means it has uniform air pockets throughout. How to Cut PVC Boards By Rebekah Smith. Support both sides of the saw and lumber. PVC lumber may be longer than wood lumber, and the board may bend or move during cutting

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For above ground pools I also recommend using PVC Flex Pipe because it is so much easier to use. It also gives as the walls of your pools move due to splashing on the inside. One end goes over the hose adapter and get clamped in place, the PVC pipe fits in the other end and also gets a clamp. Comments for Using PVC for an Above Ground Pool

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Ground Level Deck - Decks.com Ground level decks less than 12" above grade are generally easy to build , build ground level decks directly on top of existing concrete patios using sleepers. , I can build off the ground?, and can the green turf be placed over the deck.

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In our new place we are replacing the ground level deck and would like to use Seven Trust again. We were told that it is not advised to use Seven Trust on ground level because it can get very hot and there is no circulation around the boards to cool them. Our deck is South - Southwest facing from a walk-out basement.

Can Composite Decking Be in Contact With the Ground

Can Composite Decking Be in Contact With the Ground? By Elizabeth Jennings. SAVE If the deck boards are on the ground, such as with a ground-level patio deck, composite lumber works fine. It cuts and nails like genuine wood, it's splinter-free and deck screws sink in easily and disappear. Composite lumber is also maintenance-free, does not

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Top 10 Questions about PVC Trim. by John Pace on August 31, 2012 . 1. Does PVC trim require a primer? Obviously the siding contractor placed the pvc trim board very close to the heater vent and the sharp edge has distorted and discolored from the heat. I advised him to get it moved asap.

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You can cut PVC lumber with conventional wood saws, but you glue boards together in the same way you glue PVC pipes: by using solvent-weld cement. The cement softens the plastic and actually fuses the boards you are joining into a single piece.

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and then lay 4x4s on the ground as joists and then put the decking directly over. Get Prices Steps to Build a Ground-Level Deck at The Seven Trust Composite Wood Decking Boards PERMADECK composite decking can be drilled, sawn, fastened or routed PERMADECK composite decking should not be attached directly to any composite decking

How can I Repair PVC Pipes and Joints? with pictures

Remove the cracked section and replace it with a new segment of PVC pipe. You can do this by draining the section of pipe and then cutting at least six inches on either side of the you may want to apply channel locks to each of the coupling until the sealant has cured and set in place. To repair PVC joints, follow the same

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Can PVC be painted? how to paint PVC or vinyl Posted on June 17, 2011 by abe. At MGM we also put reflective pigments in the paint so that the PVC will not rise above its distortion temperature of 140 o F. Can I safely paint the outside wall of my above ground pool. The pool is just an intex model pool that is only steel beams/legs

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