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BioShock FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

If you're having too much trouble with a particular hacking puzzle, you have two options available to you - you can either use an auto-hack tool obtainable from vending machines, containers, and U-invent machines to automatically hack the item, or you can "buy out" the hack and spend money to complete the puzzle. The more difficult the puzzle is, the more expensive it will be to buy out the

Fallout 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by Absolute Steve

If you were stuck in a game back then, you either had your friends or big brother help you. If your friends sucked at gaming and you didn't have a big brother I for one, didn't , then "that was life for 'ya." At the end of the decade, two new companies arose in the game guide industry, and interestingly, both took base in Hamburg, Germany. Piggyback quickly conquered the European market with

iPhone X: First impressions from our first 3 days

My colleague, CNET Senior Photographer James Martin, has done a deep dive on the new front-facing iPhone X camera, experimenting with portraits and shots around San Francisco.

Do you need a digital detox?

What started with my wife and me looking for an escape from digital overload has completely changed the way we take vacations. I'd been pulling all-nighters.

Hell in a Cell: Meet the man behind the infamous Reddit

If you spend any time on Reddit, an online community with more than 250 million users, there's a decent chance you've read one of Chris' Hell in a Cell curveballs. The self-described old-school

Mozilla CEO says new Firefox browser delivers 'a big bang

Beard: It's the browser, but also the thought of any one company being between you and anything. You can't actually interact with your friends, your family, your employer, your school, your

Baking Steel, Modernist Cuisine Special Edition Review

If you decide to use a pizza stone -- steel, ceramic, floor tile mentioned above -- NEVER put the "stone" on the floor of your oven, whether gas or electric because you may well do serious damage to your stove, and in a gas stove you can block air flow that could be very dangerous.

8 really cool things to do with your Instagram pictures

Depending on where you plan to place the tiles, you might want to buy a handful of additional accessories. Rustic wooden frames will punch up your Instagram pictures if you want to hang them on a

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