composite wood vs termite control

Pioneer's new Andrew Jones-designed sound bar coming this

The "speaker bar made for sound quality" features a composite wood cabinet and six separate drivers.

Pioneer SP-SB03 review: Speaker Base puts powerful sound

The Speaker Base has a composite wood housing, not plastic. There's a fifth foot raised slightly off the ground in the center of the box designed to take the weight of particularly large TVs. The

Cambridge Audio TV5 review: Sound base needs sounder bass

Sarah Tew/CNET The TV5's composite wood cabinet measures 28.5 inches wide and 13.4 inches deep, which enables it to support televisions up to 66 pounds.

Wayne Gretzky would like to see players go back to wooden

Wayne Gretzky likes where the NHL game has gone, but if he could change one thing it would be a return to wooden sticks. He'd also like to grandfather in mandated visors.

Westworld season 2 starts Sunday: Theories, release date

Wood is back as Dolores, the android host who plays the sweet rancher's daughter who learned that her life is an elaborate lie. Newton returns as Maeve, a host who's most recently played a madam

Orkin Bugged By Lawsuits

Elizabeth Allen has a name for her Florida home. "The termite buffet," she says. "They've been in my front entry way. They've been in my dining room.

Sony DAV-X1 review: Sony DAV-X1

The rounded wood-and-plastic subwoofer is about average size for a $1,000 HTIB sub: 14.2 inches high, 8.2 inches wide, and 19.2 inches deep. The black beauty weighs 21.6 pounds. The black beauty

Tomorrow Daily 119: Robot bats, real-life ad

It has a unique composite sound board, a mo, and a modified iron and wood frame so the sound board, this is very interesting, is weather resistant and uninhibited by humidity or dryness, and, and

Cambridge Audio TV5 review: Sound base needs sounder bass

The remote control is a cut above most at this level, with a whiff of the LG Magic Motion control about its tapering shape. All of the functions are easily accessible and it's easy to use.

Composite Characters Tournament

Scenario:I'm not good in writing stories, so I'll go with the good old random reality warper is bored, gets a lot of people from different universes,


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