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Dungeons and Dragons Anthology: The Master Collection FAQ

Hit points, however, are a composite, essentially halving the dice rolls of both classes and giving them to you. If a Fighter/Thief levels up in both classes, they get a maximum of eight hitpoints 10 6 = 16/2 = 8. Note, however, that if you are a Fighter multi-class, you get the highest benefit of your Constitution, meaning a Fighter/Cleric with a Constitution score of 18 would get a 4

Tales of Phantasia FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy Advance by

21 Olive Village and Vicinity WK21 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Items : 2600 Gald, Melange Gel in town : Rune Bottle, Flare Cape SE Oasis : Syrup Bottle E Oasis : Life Bottle, Spirit Ring NE Oasis Recipe: Tenderloin in town , Fresh Juice E Oasis There's not much to do in town, hidden by the NW building and down by the pond. The

GameFAQs: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

If you leave town by the southeast exit, you can play the snowboard mini game. The snowboard mini game will give you prizes depending on your performance of each course. There is an The snowboard mini game will give you prizes depending on your performance of each course.

Tales of Vesperia FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by DomZ

Again, going clockwise, you will earn a Striped Ribbon, Glowing Ribbon, Flare Cape, Aqua Cape, and a Silver Circlet. In the center is a Lemon Gel and Pineapple Gel. There is another Giganto Monster in the third area of the Sands of Kogorh, near the southwest side of the area. Avoid him like the plague, because you aren't at a high enough level to deal with him. The exit is in the northwest end

Tales of Destiny FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by

By the town's bottom entrance, there is an Old Woman hanging around. Talk with her. She'll reveal some juicy information. Now, head east from this area until you hit the town's walls. When you do, go up north and into the harbor when you can. In the harbor, go north, through the bridge and talk with the red peddler. Buy the Shiny Junk out from him and use a Rune Bottle on it to transform it

Age of Empires II: HD Edition FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by

The Town Centre is used to recruit Villagers for the cause. The Barracks is to train Infantry Units, namely the swordsmen and spearmen. The Archery Range is to train Archery units, that is, units that fights using projectiles. They are the Archers, Skirmishers, Calvary Archers and Hand Cannoneers. The Stable is to train mounted units Units on horseback . They include the Scout Calvary

59. Harvest Moon DS FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by .

Additionally, if you link the game with Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town, see linking section you can date and marry one of the girls from mineral town. Be aware, that doing so will cause you to move to mineral town and end your game. You can only give gifts to the mineral town girls on the days they visit the valley on their days off. This brings the game up to 14

Tales of Phantasia FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy Advance by

Recipes: French Toast When you first enter the town, go to the nearby item shop R.A.M. Orange Gel 200 Melange Gel 1000 Panacea Bottle 350 Life Bottle 300 Flare Bottle 150 Syrup Bottle 60 Holy Bottle 80 Dark Bottle 20 Cape 20 Leather Cape 100 Magic Lens 10 Pickaxe 150 Rope 100 Talisman 2000 Rabbit's Foot 200 You will need to purchase one Rope and one Pickaxe for your journey. Leave the

Lost Odyssey FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by INVAL1D

Northern Cape CAPE >>>>> Lion Heart Cubic Music Score 4 Exit and check out Northern Cape. This is where Kaims dreams of Lirum took place. All the way at the top is the Lion Heart Accessory. Theres also the Cubic Music Score 4 on the ground to the north east. Exit and enter Black Cave. Cave time =D <<<<< XIII. Black Cave CAVE >>>>> 2 Seeds Scroll of Dissection I actually hate this

Tales of Destiny FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by Qu

Be sure to outfit him with a Composite Bow and some armor, and pick up another Fur Cape for him. Then exchange your Lens for gald, and spend the rest of your money to buy as many healing items as you can, or extra useless equipment if you're maxed on healing items. Spend as much of your money as you can; you'll see the reason why shortly. Leave town and head north, to the Frozen River you

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