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Smart cities: 6 essential technologies

Stay informed about the latest in smart city tech, which includes innovations in IoT, security, big data, mobile apps, and more. Also, benefit from the lessons learned by smart city leaders. Thursdays

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Script for PC by

Just stay close and let me do any talking, got it? Follow me. The two enter the kitchen. A khajiit is sweeping up. Tsavanni: Who comes, Malborn? You know I don't like strange smells in my kitchen. Malborn: A guest, feeling ill. Leave the poor wretch be. Tsavanni: A guest? In the kitchens? You know this is against the rules Malborn: Rules, is it, Tsavanni? I didn't realize that eating Moon

10 comparisons between Google Apps and Office 365

10 comparisons between Google Apps and Office 365 Google Apps and Office 365 are the leading contenders in the cloud-based business application space. Scott Matteson compares the two products.

Silent Hill 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

Stay close to the left; if you go too far to the right, you will die in a cutscene of a train hitting you. After you try to open the door, run back and dodge the Double Head that just appeared here, along with the other two Double Heads. Run to a close spot where you can climb back up and press X and a cutscene will play. The train will come but Heather makes it back on the platform and the

Quest 64 FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by marshmallow

The only ones you might want to stay away from would be a large group of Dark Goblins, unless your Water Pillar can cause a lot of damage to many, otherwise they will kick your puny butt quite a bit. On the other side of the forest is a cottage, inside that is a chest with the Silent Flute, which will halt all enemy magical attacks for five turns. You can also talk to Kelly, a woman who seems

3D Modeling Software for Windows

Keep your photos safe in the cloud with the best online photo storage for 2019 Stay private and protected with the best Firefox security extensions Clean out junk files in Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

Image Gallery: Apple iPad Experience Series

The Apple iPad is now available for purchase and through this new series I will be discussing different aspects of the device as it relates to life and daily usage. The Series will cover Bible

Assassin's Creed Rogue FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3

Stay in the haystack and whistle the patrolling guard over to you when he gets close for a haystack themed assassination. Exit the haystack and enter the sugarcane field ahead. Two more patrollers will make their way by this area one from the hill ahead and another from along the path to the right. Either whistle them both in for a kill, or just avoid them, continue up the hill and join

Gothic II: Gold Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

The bandits get stuck on certain landscape formations easily, so take a wide berth around turns and corners. There are 5 bandits using swords, and one who will shoot at you with a bow; the 5 melee are easy to pull to Lares, but the sixth with the bow is more difficult, since he'll prefer to stand still and shoot at you instead of chase after you. He is easy to kill once the rest are out of the

Obama retaliates against Russia over election hacking

Obama retaliates against Russia over election hacking The president takes action against intelligence agencies and operatives, with more to come, saying "all Americans should be alarmed by Russia

Tales of Vesperia FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Go back to the mountain path and it will fork kind of hidden among the rocky landscape , take the right path first to grab a Deadly Horn, then back up the left one. You will find a Lemon Gel where the path starts to zig zag and as you continue on there is a Crimson Phoenix 1 up a bit more. Hidden to the right of where the bridge starts is a Specific and a Treat. SPOILERS Cross over to

Video Game News at Giant Bomb

If you sit on the ruined benches with Yorda, you can save the game. Thats rad. Like holding hands or sitting on the bench, all common, normal things in our daily lives can be game elements. Thats a lesson I got from ICO.

The Evil Within FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 4 by

Stay crouched and sneak outside, but don't approach the 'corpse'. When you're far away enough so the bomb doesn't trigger, pull out your handgun and pop the head of the 'corpse'. This is also a great vantage point to kill a second sniper who's at the same height as you . You can even do this with your handgun. Search the sandbags on this balcony for 2 HANDGUN AMMO . Head back inside stay

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