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Amazon Echo Wall Clock For committed Amazon Alexa users who make frequent use of Alexa to set timers, the Echo Wall Clock is a low-risk, almost frustration-free add-on they

High-tech aerogels wrap homes with insulation

An advantage of this approach is that it wasn't too disruptive to people inside and added less than an inch to the interior walls, Blair said. The payback was just over five years when tax credits

Pros and cons of using large-screen TVs as a computer monitor

Have you ever covered the pluses and minuses of using a large screen, 50- to 65-inch, 4K TV for a monitor? Assuming I have a video card that can drive the real

"Far from an honest mistake": Facebook accused of

The allegations, which were first reported by The Wall Street Journal, arose in a filing unsealed Tuesday in northern California federal court.

What is OLED TV?

The current OLED TV technology can be split in two camps: RGB OLED and "White" OLED. RGB OLED is similar to how plasma TVs work, with separate red, green, and blue OLED subpixels.

Apple needs to show it can still top Google, Facebook

James Martin/CNET Cook has been hinting for some time that Apple is interested in the market. Earlier this year, he compared the technology to the impact of the smartphone on the world's population.

Curved TV isn't dead yet. Thanks, Samsung.

For the 2017 model, HP slightly decreased the curve radius and trimmed the bezel significantly -- though it's the same size panel as the old model, it looks much bigger and vastly more attractive

Trump's wall could benefit this Mexican company

President Donald Trumps proposed multibillion dollar great, great wall on Americas southern border will surely need a lot of construction material, such as cement.

LG wallpaper OLED TV may stick to your wall with a magnet

TVs LG wallpaper OLED TV may stick to your wall with a magnet. Leaked documents reveal a flexible TV -- just 1 mm thick -- that may go on sale in 2017, as well as sizes and model numbers for LG's

Disadvantages of running a PC with case sides open?

But for mid-range hardware, I'd honestly say there isn't much reason to remove the side panel aside from the overclocking advantage. Blistrax Member Since: July 28, 2008

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