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movable pool floor in wood Movable Floors :Commercial Aquatics Movable Floors The movable floor allows the usable depth of the pool to be varied so that different activities may be practiced. Competitions, synchronized swimming, rehab therapy activity, swimming instruction, diving, aqua.

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Movable floor for public swimming pools by Variopool BV.

Movable floor public pools. The Variopool movable pool floors are designed based on a floating concept. The system consists of stainless steel and/or plastic parts and can be configured at the required depth using cables, which are fully equipped to withstand long-term submersion in pool water and can handle a heavy load.

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Yhe floating type movable swimming pool floor is equipped with floating bodies and can be adjusted using a water hydraulic cable system. Compatible with all pools within the measurement ranges of 40m2 140m2. The floating movable swimming pool floor is perfectly compatible with excisting pool situations.

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Movable floor The movable floor allows the usable depth of the pool to be varied so that different activities may be practised inside: competitions, synchronised swimming, disabled/remedial activity, swimming instruction, diving, aqua-gym, baby swim and all other activities that require different levels of water depth.

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movable pool floor in wood. Swimming pool movable floor / wooden - WOODY - Aqualift - Videos. Find out all of the information about the Aqualift product: swimming pool movable floor / wooden WOODY. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to

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Therapy Pool Applications. Expand your program offerings with Aquatic Therapy. ADG will custom design and manufacture a high-quality stainless steel therapy pool to your specifications with a movable floor, exercise bars, therapy jets, treadmill, and viewing windows for patient monitoring.

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Agor creative engineering present: Movable wooden deck floor Planning on having a swimming pool, but you wonder how to utilize your backyard or terrace with a limited space? Having doubts how is

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The most common concern with an outdoor swimming pool is, above all else, safety. AGORs moveable floor systems adhere to stringent safety standards, with the unique ability to lock the floor in its covered position and adjust water height in accordance with childrens height and swimming ability.

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Movable Floor Swimming Pool Cost Value for Money. The extra money spent on a movable floor swimming pool is invested in modern technology. The moveable floor of the pool works on a pulley system allowing the pool to be transformed into a flat surface at the press of a switch or press of a button.

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Movable pool floor systems by Akvo Spiralift. Optimize your living space adjusting the height of the pool floor. Patio or pool when you want it.

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Down in the ground its a pool, its a floor, its a Hydrofloor. Around The Home. Darren Quick. March 12th, 2010. As each movable pool floor is custom-built, the cost of installing

Movable Swimming Pool Floors for rehabilitation pools

A movable swimming pool floor is a multifunctional solution that creates virtually endless possibilities for all types of patients in a hydrotherapeutic pool. It can even be installed in an existing therapy pool.

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The movable Twinscape Hydrofloor enabled the swimming pool to be transformed into a multi-purpose area, giving the client the best of both worlds - when lowered, a luxurious pool for full depth swimming and pool games, and when raised to deck level, a solid, secure floor for social gatherings; the closest one can get to walking or dancing on water.

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movable pool floor in wood. Swimming pool movable floor / wooden - SIMPLICITY - Aqualift Discover all the information about the product Swimming pool movable floor / wooden SIMPLICITY - Aqualift and find where you can buy it. Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote.

Movable Floors Twinscape

A client in Suffolk chose a movable floor for his swimming pool on the suggestion of the architect. The client already had a pool which was in need of renovation. The architect suggested they rebuild the whole pool to incorporate a movable floor and make the area into a flexible entertainment space.

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The movable floor is next to the lounge, the picture window of which runs from the floor to the ceiling. Imagine the effect when the swimming pool deck and the large window both disappear from the scene. Located on an island in the Seine, the pool's wooden floor gives a nautical feel to the loft-like appearance produced by the metal beams.

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A movable pool floor transforms either your indoor or backyard environment exactly as you want or enhances the value of your home by providing you with a multipurpose swimming pool. This solution converts a normal pool space into an adjustable floor for special occasions.

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