deck seat with backrest plans

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Texas officially names Houston's Tom Herman the Longhorns

Orgeron reportedly being hired by LSU early Saturday clears the deck in Texas' pursuit of Herman. Strong was fired in the wake of a 31-9 loss to TCU on Friday.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Review: Go anywhere, do

Sure, I can nitpick things like the annoyingly half-powered driver's seat on S and SE models you can electronically alter fore/aft and height position, but moving the seat back requires manual

2018 Toyota Century is a Marvel movie star car in waiting

The back seats feature power articulation, heating, cooling and massage. Note the center armrest touchscreen controls and the 11.7-inch screen for watching TV, movies or business presentations

We experience the safer Freightliner trucks of the future

If the truck drifts out of its lane, a gentle steering assist brings it back in line without upsetting the trailer. Again, riding right-seat during a demo, the technology brought the truck back

Cars we're most looking forward to driving in 2019

Best of all, the Soul EV is back, too, taking the standard Soul and swapping out the powertrain with an all-electric one. EVs that look like real cars still have a soft spot with me.

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Lakers have no plans to fire Luke Walton, per report; L.A

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost four of their past five games despite having LeBron James back in the lineup, and that's led to some talk that head coach Luke Walton could be on the hot seat.

From NASA to SpaceX, just look to space for good news from

Google's Lunar X Prize came to an end without a winner, even as Elon Musk sold all the seats on a future SpaceX flight around the moon and NASA ramped up its plans to go to our lone natural

Tesla Model 3 review: Performance trim

A flick of your right foot on the right pedal is enough to throw you into your seat, simultaneously launching any unsecured cargo towards the rear of the car. When I first got in the Model 3

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