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Blue Mountain Pine Floors. Blue Mountain Pine Floors are salvaged from trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. What is claimed to be a product of global warming, the Pine Beetle infestation has had staggering effects on Lodgepole Pine trees.

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Past projects include beetle kill pine guitars and ukuleles for Jack Johnson that have been signed and auctioned to further environmental education. Click here to watch video Customer submitted photo gallery click to expand image :

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Beetle Kill Blue Pine Flooring and More. Blue Stain Pine is a result of Blue Stain Fungus that spreads to Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pine trees from the body of Mountain Pine Beetles.

Beetle Kill Pine T and G Flooring

Beetle Kill Pine Projects and Materials T and G Flooring in Denver, CO is Colorado's top provider of beetle kill pine material. Unfinished and prefinished wood flooring, wall and ceiling trim, beams, mantels and more Typical widths are 5 and 7 widths.

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Seven Trust Grade Surfaced Blue Stain Pine Definition of Seven Trust Grade Blue Stain Pine: 50%-100% blue coverage, 80%-90% defect free, limited availability, typically no more than 500sqft. Seven Trust grade lumber is also used for our flooring.

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dark beetle kill pine.jpgI have been a flooring contractor in Denver for a long time and recently got into selling beetle kill products I think it is a great idea to use it . Not only is it a great looking wood but it promotes the health of our colorado forrests.

Blue Stain Pine Flooring

Our blue stain pine flooring is produced from 100% salvaged Ponderosa Pine trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. The wide array of colors are all natural as a result of a fungus from the Pine Beetle.

1 in. x 6 in. x 10 ft. 3 and Better Blue Stain WP4/ 116

We used a standard floor nailer, sanded and then sealed with Waterlox. It looks awesome. I would highly recommend it for inexpensive flooring. I also love that it using the beetle kill pine that is so prevalent on our region at the moment. We have received rave reviews from everyone that has seen it.

Beetle Kill Pine

Beetle Kill Pine. We carry a line of Beetle Kill Pine aka: Blue Stain Pine cabinets and furniture. These products are locally made and are of the highest quality. We have some of these products on display in our showroom , so please be sure to ask for them.

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Beetle Kill Blue Pine; Antique and Reclaimed Tobacco Pine; Antique and Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut; Old World Blend; Your Expert Source for Reclaimed, Wide Plank, and Rustic Hardwood Flooring. Add Elegance with One of a Kind Custom Flooring.

1x4 beetle kill pine wall paneling from Sustainable Lumber

Pine Walls Pine Floors Wood Panel Walls Wooden Walls Stain On Pine Staining Pine Wood Pine Beetle Fireplace Remodel Hummingbird Habitat Forward At Greenhome Solutions we have sustainable beetle kill Pine lumber treated for use as wall panels.

Blue Pine

Our Campground Blue Pine was sourced from beetle-kill and fire-salvage trees in Central and Southern Oregon. We work with small mills, including Malheur Lumber Company in John Day, for this special wood.


An endless amount of production and options await you with our flooring option. Some of our key elements are listed below. Pole Pine. Powered by Create your own unique website with eco friendly lumber, eco friendly wood, beetle kill, beetle kill wood, environmentally eco friendly wood floor, green wood floor, sustainable wood floor

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Beetle kill pine hardwood floors not only look good, but theyll feel good. Acclimating beetle kill pine products. When you buy beetle kill pine flooring, make sure you are buying a quality product. The pine tree is a soft wood, so getting your wood properly acclimated to your home and your area is going to take time.

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Custom Beetle Kill Pine Kitchen Cabinets. The natural look of the pine with blues and greys really gives this kitchen an open feel. Beetle kill pine also takes well to any color of stain. We can accommodate requests for other wood types like alder and more.

Blue Stain Pine: Blue Stain Lumber and Beetle Kill Pine RMFP

Beetle Kill Pine is the result of blue stain fungus that spreads from bark beetles to Lodgepole Pine, Douglas Fir, and Whitebark Pine trees. The blue stain pine fungus works symbiotically with the beetles by turning the tree wood into nutrients.

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"Blue stain" or "beetle kill" pine is lodgepole pine that has been killed by the mountain pine beetle. The byproduct of this bark beetle is a beautiful blue coloring stain in much of the dead-standing pine we harvest.

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Beetle Kill Pine and Blue Stain Pine are the same item. A fungus carried by the pine beetle infects and eventually kills the tree, a side effect of this fungus is the blue discoloration in varying amounts in the wood.

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