wood as a natural occuring composite


A composite is a material that is formed by combining two or more materials to achieve some superior properties. as they are either grown in nature or developed by natural processes. Wood is a fibrous material consisting of thread-like hollow elongated organic cellulose that normally constitutes about 60-70% of wood of which approximately

Examples of Natural Composites and Composite Structures

Natural or biological composites are reviewed with a number of appropriate examples: human bone and teeth, wood, pearls, mother of pearl, and related shell structures. There are many examples and variances of composite systems in the natural or biological world. If one stands before a mirror, the

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For four years, they hopscotched to places reporters don't generally go unless there's a natural disaster or a presidential campn -- places like Redmond, Oregon; Spearville, Kansas; St. Mary's

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Wood is a porous and fibrous structural tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and other woody plants. It is an organic material, a natural composite of cellulose fibers that are strong in tension and embedded in a matrix of lignin that resists compression.

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Haiti Floods Due To Deforestation. By Jaime Holguin U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged donors on Wednesday to help Haiti recover from the "devastating natural disaster." More wood was

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Faux Vs. Real Building Products. By Tatiana Morales but not the maintenance or cost associated with this natural product. Fiberglass doors have become more popular. Timbertech Composite

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Deck wars: Synthetics aim to walk all over wood and makers of synthetic wood are pushing to expand their small market share against long-dominant natural wood. Sunbaked composite wood is

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Wood, a natural composite, is a combination of cellulose or wood fibers and a substance called lignin. The fibers give wood its strength; lignin is the matrix or natural glue that binds and stabilizes them. Other composites are synthetic (man-made). Plywood is a man-made composite that combines natural and synthetic materials.


Goals / Objectives The general goal of this proposal is to develop Wood/Natural Fiber Polymer Composites (WNFPCs) through advanced extrusion technology. Specific objectives include: 1. To study quality attributes of wood and natural fibers (i.e., particle type and size) on composite properties; 2.

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