plastic deck three storey house

2019 BMW 3 Series first drive review: Comeback kid

At one time, the BMW 3 Series was the benchmark of the compact luxury/sport sedan segment. It was the car every automaker tried to replicate -- the champion of magazine comparison tests, a

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 has big and little laughs from the first frame to the last. It turns out that metrosexual Ken voiced by Michael Keaton has a dream house at the daycare, and his conversion from Lotso

Saraland Waffle House arrest video shows Alabama police

An Alabama police department said it was investigating the arrest of a 25-year-old black woman at a Waffle House by three white officers over the weekend.

A 747 story: the history of the jumbo jet

747-100. The first version of the jumbo jet, it was originally distinguished by an upper deck passenger lounge with just three windows. Later, Boeing offered an option that replaced the lounge

Ninety7 Jot Portable Battery Base for Google Home Mini

The Bad The plastic, industrial look of the Jot detracts from the comfy fabric design of the Mini. The Bottom Line If you have a Google Home Mini and you want it to be portable, the Jot is a great

Video of Waffle House arrest doesn't tell whole story

SARALAND, Ala. -- Police and Waffle House corporate executives are defending police intervention at an Alabama restaurant where a black woman's arrest, captured on video, raised questions about

Rumored Galaxy X's foldable phone screen specs: 7.3-inch

There's a 7.3-inch interior display you see when the phone's fully unfolded in tablet mode, but when you close it up, a 4.5-inch exterior screen acts like the smartphone that's already in your pocket.

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