vinyl fence push pins

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for

Push into the back wheel of the other car to do what police call a PIT maneuver. This will make the other car spin out. You can now use this time to get further ahead. To take on sharp corners easily, like at intersections, use the R1 handbrake to powerslide around the corners. You should try to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible. This is especially important in the V.C

Classic Collection: Adventure / Fantasy FAQ/Walkthrough

Exit the shop. Walk to the right side of the area to see a bobby pin sign. Open the tool kit in the inventory and then use the wire cutters on the bobby pin sign to get it. Walk to the left side of the area and then walk north to 13th Avenue. Walk west and return to Zak's flat. Open the cabinet under the sink and get the box of crayons. Use the monkey wrench on the pipe under the sink. Use the

Siren FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by Shunichiro

Push marker over to <<fullfill goals for mission objective 2 for Reiko Takato on Day 1 at 23:00>>. Now get back to the bonfire and take Miyako with you by saying come here . Go left from there towards the iron fence. Smash the iron fence with the poker. Three heavy blows should do the job. The aim is again updated: head to Taburi settlement. Start descending banks scattered with mana

Colecovision Colecovision FAQ for Colecovision by KBowen

Instead it has a 9-pin slot so you can plug in your favorite joystick and still have use of the keypad. It also can double as a joystick extension cable since the Champ Adapter cable is 6' long. - JC Co-Stickler - Plastic "snap" on joysticks for the standard ColecoVision controllers. - JH EVE Voice Module - A seperate white box which plugged in to the expansion port on the ADAM. - 60 Expansion

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders FAQ/Walkthrough

Push the buttons in the order of the men bobbing, using the ladder to reach the higher buttons. Once completed, a door will open. Pick the ladder back up. Inside the face there are three large doorways and two big statues, resembling the one in the Mt. Rainier chamber. One of these statues has marks on its' base. Examine them and make a note; these are the markings Zak needs to use to get the

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/Walkthrough for

You can attach a satchel to the car if you run fast enough, then detonate it; you can speed ahead of him on the road and hit him with an RPG; you can push him off the side of the cliff and make him lose control; you can push him into the water and have him drown. All of those work, so just do it however you want. ----- Reward: Respect earned. E. SNOOP DOGG, OH, MY BAD I MEAN, MADD DOGG

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders Walkthrough

Push button and go in to the door right Pick up vinyl tape. Open locker and pick up the flashlight. Walk to the right and pick up the ladder. Pick up the covers of the bed. You now have a broom alien. Leave the house and use broom alien on sand. Walk to the right and give vinyl tape to melissa. Walk to the right to the huge face. Use ladder on door. Now push in the combination Zak has seen

Resident Evil 2 Plot Analysis for PC by TWilde

Just before it reaches him, Mikhail rolls over, pulls a grenade from his vest, and pulls the pin. The resulting explosion knocks the creature out of the back of the cable car, kills Mikhail, and destroys the cable car's brakes. Jill pulls the emergency brake, but the car doesn't come to a full stop until it hits a wall. Jill blacks out. Jill regains consciousness alone in the courtyard of the

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by A

Once all the portables are destroyed you can drive over to the porta potty marked on and with an arrow on the screen, and push it into the large hole ahead. Now all you need to do is grab one of the cement trucks and park it right on the red marker with the back facing the hole to trigger a scene and end the mission. Answer you cell phone to unlock Driving School. / TA: San Andreas /-----o


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I can't remember the name of this PC game that had you play as a Roly Poly, and you took on other insects like bees and ants. There was only around 6-9 levels, one where you ride the back of a dragonfly and it's like a flight sim. This was a game our school owned, so it may not have been well known.

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders FAQ/Walkthrough

* Push left switch, Switch to Zak, Pull lever, Use glowing object on base, Use candelabra with glowing object, Use white crystal in crystalabra, Use yellow crystal in crystalabra, Use blue crystal on crystalabra, Push right switch. T H E E N D

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