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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/Walkthrough for

After passing the fence youll have short conversation and a car full of Vietnamese enemies will show up. Equip a good gun and shoot the men or the car to make it explode. Especially make sure Woozie stays alive. Make your way back through the alley and more enemies on motorcycles will show up. Shoot them right away and carefully look around the corner. Shoot whoever you can hit and move

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This area cannot be approached from the east because the fence blocks the entire east frontier area south of Sepoko. Watch for the periodic patrolling of assault trucks on the road to the west of the fence. 2 147: Southwest of the southeast guard post, on the west side of the road, there is a diamond case lying near a series of rock ledges. This is well south of the guard post. The guard

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Lattice can also be used to create privacy panels for decks or pools. Lattice is such a versatile product, it can even be used to add a touch of decoration to homes or decks by adding under-skirting.

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Far Cry 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by SENIORBILL

There is a hole in the fence and, if a sentry is visible, either allow him to move away or take him out with the dart rifle. Move through the hole and be prepared for any guards in or near the structure. This facility has eight hostiles patrolling and it is possible for them to be anywhere, but the facility is large and they are usually spread out with many being on the far side. Turn left

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Jane Pauley talks with 79-year-old fashion legend Ralph Lauren, who gives her a tour of his 20,000-acre Colorado ranch, and talks about the origins of his Polo brand, as well as the purpose of

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/Walkthrough for

Inside of Mike Toreno's ranch in Tierra Robada Directions: From the Garver Bridge connecting Downtown to Tierra Robada, cross the bridge into Tierra Robada. Exit at the first offramp to begin traveling southeast . After passing under the railroad bridge, there is a dirt road on the left. Follow the dirt road to the house. The weapon is located inside of the house. Note: This weapon is only

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