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Survivor Season 25 Episode 6

WORK MY MAGIC On night 13, the Kalabaw tribe returns from their first Tribal Council where they just voted out Dawson. Katie feels especially vulnerable, since she has now lost her women's alliance with Dana and Dawson gone.

Survivor Season 12 Episode 8

In the first stage, Aras is first through the fence, but his body gets stuck, giving Sally time to get her entire body under and through to the other side. Courtney, Terry, Danielle, Austin and Shane follow Sally, granting them passage to the second phase. Austin is first to solve the brainteaser and quickly hustles up the sand hill. Shane is the last to solve the brainteaser, but it's too

Survivor Season 28 Episode 3

LJ and Lindsey find a few fence rails and Kass knocks over a wooden barrel. Throughout the challenge, the Brains and Beauty tribes vie for first and second place even though the Brains tribe has a few items slip off their platform. Blindfolded JTia has the hardest time hoisting her side of the platform without the retrieved items falling off. Surprisingly, the Bn tribe is consistently in

Survivor Season 3 Episode 3

Affirming his new commitment, Silas added, "Straddling the fence is over, it's done. I am no longer with the older people, and I don't care if they know that." I am no longer with the older people, and I don't care if they know that."

Survivor Season 2 Episode 8

At the Immunity Challenge, "Don't Fence Me In," host Jeff Probst explained that the game did not involve any strength or endurance, just the ability to out-think everyone else. The premise is simple: Wooden posts are constructed in rows of ten, with ropes attached to one side of the post. The Survivors take turns connecting ropes to the posts to create a square. The contestant whose rope

Survivor Season 6 Episode 9

On night 27, Deena Bennett, the 35-year-old deputy district attorney from Riverside, California was voted out of the tribe in a 6-2 vote. Deena's demise was due to her Machiavellian approach to the game, as she challenged a sound alliance in hopes of voting out the physically threatening Alex Bell.

Survivor Season 17 Episode 14

Sugar, however, is still on the fence. "To get rid of Susie would be great because I have no allegiance with Susie and I don"t trust her. I would vote for Kenny because he is a liar and he could manipulate Bob or Matty, so I just have to think really hard about what should be done.'

Survivor Season 20 Episode 5

Rupert accidentally slams Jerri into a fence post, and Jeff has to stop the challenge once again. Jerri angrily claims that she is fine, and the challenge is back on. For the game point, there is a big scramble for the balls but, ultimately, Jerri scores, winning the reward for the Villains. Jeff Probst asks James to stick around to have medical look at his knee. The medic wraps James' knee

Lorne Greene Credits TV Guide

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Survivor Season 9 Episode 9

After learning why Twila had betrayed him, Sarge mended the fence by convincing Twila that she was lied to by Julie and not by his Lopevi alliance. In a moment of clarity, Chad Crittenden, the 35-year-old teacher from Oakland, California, discerned that Eliza's unhappiness would make her an easy target for recruitment. With all these balls in the air, the men scrambled like mad to save their

Wendell's Survivor Experience Allowed Him To Cherish The

Wendell: Donathan was ready to swing for the fences. He wanted to make a big move and he understood that going to the end with a Domenick and/or a Wendell, you're probably not going to get a lot of votes. It might have been a little too late for his move, but he was ready to make it.

Survivor Cast: Malcolm Freberg

Age: 29 Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA Previously played on: Season 25: Philippines, Finished 4th and Jury Member Season 26: Caramoan, Finished 9th and Jury Member

Survivor Season 19 Episode 7

Russell, however, is on the fence about who to vote out. "It's gonna have to be either Liz or Jaison," says Russell. "We've gotta find some way to win. Something has to give," he concludes. "It's gonna have to be either Liz or Jaison," says Russell.

Nick Wilson on Survivor: David vs. Goliath on CBS All Access

Learn everything you need to know about the Season 37 cast member Nick Wilson on Survivor: David vs. Goliath

Survivor Season 36 Episode 3

Angela admits that she is on the fence tonight between going with the popular decision or the right decision for her. Domenick is uneasy with Angela's response. Both Morgan and Domenick say they feel comfortable with the new Naviti members that were originally on the Malolo tribe. Morgan feels that only time will tell if they can trust what people are telling them. Libby points out that lying

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