plant pots made from decking

Spacing plants in a raised-bed garden

We live in a fairly wooded area and until now my gardening has been limited to planting a few herbs in boxes on my deck. Since the deck does get a fair amount of sun, I decided to buy a 2' x 4' raised bed. In trying to decide what and how much to plant in my 8 square feet, I did some Googling and

Floating Deck Designs for Android

Beyond that, a floating deck can do just about everything else an attached deck can do: host parties, provide lounging areas, and include built-in planters and benches. With the freedom to put

How to Grow Herbs Indoors: Easy? Maybe not. Rewarding

If they are, take the plant out of the pot and inspect the roots: They should be healthy and white, not brown and growing around in a circle. If the roots look bad, you have two options: Trim off a little bit and transfer the plant to a bigger pot. Or, if the plant is the size you want, McGee says, you can just cut around the roots vertically, about a half inch to an inch, and slice the same

Living Butter Lettuce

Hydroponic lettuce can be grown at home, if you have the space and resources. A simple Google search will give you many ideas. It's not grown in the container you buy, but in specialized garden houses that feed nutrients through the water in a soil-less environment.


Use a potting mix or make your own with 2 parts compost, 1 part peat moss, and 1 part sand 7. Plant or sow seeds in pots 8. Water regularly 9. Keep the rooftop drain free of debris and dirt, so

How to remove water stains from wood furniture

Make sure all of the iron's steam modes are off. The last thing you want is to create more stains made from moisture and heat. The last thing you want is to create more stains made from moisture

Paula's Home Cooking Episodes TV Guide

Dinner on the Deck. March 22, 2008 . An outdoor-dinner menu includes shrimp po'boys, lobster rolls, coleslaw and chocolate-chip pie. March 15, 2008. Garden Delights. March 15, 2008. Garden-fresh

Dean Ford

The series was a hit, and made the 61-year-old an unlikely TV star. Her debut was followed by several other series, including "Sister Wendy's Odyssey," and "Sister Wendy's Grand Tour," in which

What size pots for tomatos and peppers?

I transplanted the tomato plans into 9 " pots and put the pepper in a 6 inch pot. I'm reading that it is better to have 18" to 24" pots for tomatoes. I have no idea about the proper pot for the pepper.

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