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cantilever /can·ti·le·ver/ kant-le´ver a projecting structure supported on only one end and carrying a load at the other end or along its length.

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Definition of cantilever - a long projecting beam or girder fixed at only one end, used in bridge construction. A cantilever bracket called tou-kung was used to carry the eaves overhang as far as possible, beyond the outermost columns. and a steel frame supports the cantilever. Sometimes retaining walls are designed as

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Cantilever retaining-wall: It is designed with reinforced concrete and it consists of thin stem and slab at bottom. The base is separated into two sections, namely the heel and the toe. This is the general type of structure and it is economical for the height of the wall up to 8 m.

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Furthermore, a new cantilever wall length about 52 m , a bored pile wall diameter 118 cm without expansion and a water access built as angular retaining wall length about 29 m . Expansion of the united weieritz in dresden city, partial lot 2.1.2, new retaining walls and water access


A cantilever is a rigid structural element, such as a beam or a plate, anchored at one end to a usually vertical support from which it protrudes; this connection could also be perpendicular to a flat, vertical surface such as a wall.

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Cantilever definition, any rigid structural member projecting from a vertical support, especially one in which the projection is great in relation to the depth, so that the upper part is in tension and the lower part in compression. See more.


Define cantilever. cantilever synonyms, cantilever pronunciation, cantilever translation, English dictionary definition of cantilever. n. 1. A projecting structure, such as a beam, that is supported at one end and carries a load at the other end or along its length. 2. A member, such as a

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A cantilever is a long piece of metal or wood used in a structure such as a bridge. One end is fastened to something and the other end is used to support part of the structure. the old steel cantilever bridge.

Retaining Wall

A cantilever retaining wall is one that consists of a wall which is connected to foundation. A cantilever wall holds back a significant amount of soil, so it must be well engineered. They are the most common type used as retaining walls.

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Kids Definition of cantilever 1 : a beam or similar support fastened as by being built into a wall only at one end The balcony is supported by wooden cantilevers .

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