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Huge fire erupts at skyscraper in United Arab Emirates

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-- A fire raced up a high-rise tower in the United Arab Emirates city of Ajman late Monday, the latest in a series ofskyscraper blazes in the Gulf nation that is home to

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2015 review: Old-school

The Good The 15-inch MacBook Pro has a brilliant Retina Display, powerful processor and new graphics card options, plus faster flash storage and a new Force Touch trackpad. The Bad It offers only

Google Pixel review: Pure Android at its absolute best

Of course, the Pixel isn't perfect; the rear panel's glass treatment may be an aesthetic misfire for some, and it's vulnerable to cracking. It's also not as water-resistant as others, and though

14 switches and sockets fit for a smart home pictures

Quirky Outlink. If you've been following the smart-home industry news, you may have heard about Quirky. After filing for bankruptcy recently, it sold its Wink hub technology to another company

Sambuca, Italy: Sicilian town sells houses for $1

A semi-abandoned town in Italy is selling homes for just over $1 in hopes of luring foreigners to renovate the properties and revive its local economy. Sambuca, a hilltop town in Sicily with

How to buy a dishwasher in 2018

Other than the finish, the shape of the handle, along with the type and location of the control panel are usually the only other differences on the exterior of dishwashers. Handles can be subtle

Same great Nest, now with a temperature sensor

The Good The $249 Nest Learning Thermostat has a larger display, a better resolution and a far-field sensor for viewing time and temperature information from a distance.

Top 5 diets for weight loss in 2015

House panel announces new hires to help with Trump oversight While it may not be as strong of a seller's market, higher mortgage rates and lack of inventory could stymie buyers 3H ago. Reddit

Meet the smart hubs competing to control your home

Smart Home Meet the smart hubs competing to control your home. Compatible with today's most popular smart home devices, these gadgets promise to cut through the chaos and bring a little gravity to

Vivint Smart Home delivers automation and security for a

The panel's size and shape feels a bit clunky, but the interface is simple and easy to navigate. The SkyControl panel can run on backup battery power and a cellular connection, so it will continue

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