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Resident Evil Plot Analysis for Saturn by marleone torlen

Jill eventually caught up with Brad in Black Jack restaurant, being attacked by zombies. She rescued him and Brad exhausted, told Jill that the police force was now decimated and a new threat, a special type of Tyrant called Nemesis is after S.T.A.R.S. members. Brad went on ahead and Jill eventually stumbled upon him in RPD building entrance. Brad was heavily wounded and before he could say

Grandia Game Script for PlayStation by Shotgunnova

It was the same when I first met you, up swabbing the deck of the Steamer. Feena: Ah ha ha. Justin, I think luck is on our side today. The air is very clear this morning, so we can see real far. Look Look There's the Misty Forest And the End of the World A mist-covered forest stretches to the horizon. Sue: Wow It's huuuuge All of that is the Misty Forest? Justin: Feena I can see the

Grandia III FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by glennkcl

Head back out onto the deck and walk to the bow to trigger a battle with a horde of enemies. ----- Boat Swallows ----- Individually they're pretty weak, but because boat swallows come in large numbers, your party can easily be overwhelmed if you don't have a proper strategy in place. Additionally, you fight them in two waves without time to heal in between. Nevertheless, if you haven't

10 minimalist houses to help you scale back this fall

Scaling back is trendy right now. Tiny homes are taking over house-hunting TV shows, and books about minimalist living are making the book club rounds. But did you know homes designed for simple

Metal Gear Solid Plot Summary for PC by GMorrissey

This proves the existence of a well- maintained black-market for nuclear weapons. Since pretty much any nation could afford to have a nuclear weapon's program- a new launch system of overwhelming power was required. ARMSTECH suffered badly due to cut back's in the military and their failure to produce the next line of fighter jets. The construction of Metal Gear was the company's last hope

Devil May Cry HD Collection FAQ/Walkthrough for

You have been to the deck. You may notice a door locked by a pair of swords above your head. But before that, there are several pillars on the deck that you can jump on to find Red Orbs and stuffs. The deck is very long, and there are three pillars. You can go around this great place to get your prize. Each pillar has many levels, and each level has two branches. You should go to the end of


This 2,000-square-foot roof garden is unique among its peers because it is situated not only on a two-story home, but also on a 1.36-acre property, where natural outdoor space is abundant. But the

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories FAQ/Walkthrough for

"Customer" Type 1 - Bring a customer to a store, wait until that person finishes shopping indicated by fade to black and then bring the fare to their next destination. Speed Bonus given as combined bonuses from time to both destinations. 4. "Customer" Type 2 - Same as Type 1, only the customer will rob the store and you will have to bring him/her to her next destination with a 2-star wanted

Family Feud: 2012 Edition Question/Answer List for Wii by

1 - gas 1 - kerosene 1 - natural gas 1 - petrol 1 - propane 2 - drivers license 2 - license 2 - permit 3 - keys 4 - inner tubes 4 - tires 5 - assurance 5 - car insurance 5 - coverage 5 - health insurance 5 - home insurance 5 - insurance 5 - life insurance 6 - abs 6 - brakes 6 - decelerators Name a complaint you might have about your dry cleaner. 1 - bad job 1 - clothes dirty 1 - dirty 1

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