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Move the sprayer vertically to apply stain with the wood grain on the fence. 5. Rent an airless sprayer, which ds stain from a 5-gallon bucket. Wood finishing expert Bruce Johnson shares tips for refinishing new and old furniture How to Stain a Wood Fence. Tools List for Staining a Wood Fence. Paint roller with extension. trim roller

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Staining a fence is a lot easier than you may think. If you follow the steps below, you will quickly and easily learn how to stain a wood fence and then enjoy the benefits it brings to your property.

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Heather Kretin of Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck in Maple Heights, Ohio, adds that painting and staining prevents the wood from warping and twisting. It protects the wood from the damage the sun and rain can do to it and really preserves the life of the fence, she says.

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Find out how to stain a fence with these step-by-step instructions. Making your old fence look beautiful is easy with the right BEHR Product. Find out how to stain a fence with these step-by-step instructions. How to Prep New Wood How to Prep Your Weathered Wood How to Prep Wood with Peeling

How Much Does it Cost to Paint or Stain a Fence in 2019

Types of Fences. The type of fence you have can really affect how much it will cost to paint or stain. If youre putting up a new fence or if youve purchased a house that already had a fence around the property, its important to take into account the type of fence.

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This Old House host Kevin O'Connor shows three ways to stain a wood fence like a pro. See below for a shopping list and tools. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube

How Long Should I Wait Before Staining My New Wood Fence

How long should I wait to stain my new wood fence? The truth is an exact time table can't be given and the answer to this question depends on the weather condition. But what we do know is the wood needs to be dry and in a state to be able to absorb the stain.

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Painting or staining a wood fence can help your fence last longer and look better. Either one will extend the lifespan of your fence by giving it some protection against rot, insects, wear, and tear. However, of the two we always recommend that you stain a fence rather than painting it.

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If you have a new wooden fence or deck, then staining it at some point is important to protect it and help prolong its functional lifespan. The question is when? You can find a host of different answers to this question: 30 days, three months, or even longer.

Should I Paint or Stain My Wood Fence? - A-1 Fence Company

However, of the two we always recommend that you stain a fence rather than painting it. Wood absorbs stain much deeper than it does paint. This means that paint, when it gets old, starts to chip, peel, and appear careworn, requiring near-immediate attention as soon as it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

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Older wood fences may have mold, mildew, dirt and other debris on them that may affect how well the wood absorbs the wood stain. If so, clean the fence a couple of days before you plan to stain it.

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All you have to do is remove the surface layer of aged wood cells to expose a fresh layer of wood. With a power washer, its as easy as washing your car. Then apply an exterior wood oil stain to preserve this new layer of wood. Itll prolong the life of your fence to boot.

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Be sure to apply your stain at least 24 hours after rain and allow at least 24 hours before any more rain is expected. You want your fence to be completely dry throughout to best absorb the stain. *Pro Tip: After 3 weeks, try putting a small amount of water on your fence. If the water beads off, its not ready.

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Give a drab or dingy wooden fence a fresh face with a lustrous and long-lasting stained finish. STEP 1 Before staining a wood fence, scan the weekly weather forecast and select a day with temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees, low to moderate humidity, and no precipitation expected for the next 24 hours.

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Apply stain to the fence working your way from the top to the bottom, left to right. Follow the grain of the wood and back brush as you go to ensure an even application. Use a 3-4 inch flat brush to stain wide, flat panels of timber and a smaller 2 inch angled brush for narrow spaces between planks of wood.

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Stain can help to slow surface oxidation, thereby maintaining the wood's color longer. This is offset by the fact that the stain itself will darken the fence considerably.

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Staining is a wonderful way to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of your wooden fence. Its actually relatively easy to do. Theres no need to be intimidated by the process. In fact, we almost always recommend staining your fence instead of painting it simply because stain penetrates the wood better.

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How to Renew Wooden Fences. Shabby to handsome in three easy steps. Stain makes the fence look brand new. Photo 7: Roll a section of fence stain. Roll into the dry wood a soaking coat of semitransparent fence stain. Coat about 3 ft. of fence, then proceed to the step shown in Photo 8.

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