how much does fencing cost in canada

Christmas tree prices are higher in 2016

Prices for Christmas trees have risen in many parts of the U.S., thanks to a combination of long-term growing trends and this years past weather.

A gluten free diet, how much will it cost you?

One 2008 study done at Canada's Dalhousie Medical School compared prices of 56 ordinary grocery items containing gluten with their gluten-free alternatives. All of the gluten-free products were

Cheaper "do-it-yourself" alternative EpiPen may carry more

Many allergy sufferers have been in a panic over the skyrocketing cost of EpiPens, used to reverse potentially life-threatening reactions to peanuts, bee stings, and other allergens. A much

How drug companies keep insulin prices high

On a practical note, Dagogo-Jack pointed out that shipping and distributing insulin might cost as much or more than it does to manufacture a generic insulin. "Insulin has to be liquid.

The Best Ways to Lose 20 Pounds

Maybe: It doesn't cost much, but you don't get as much support as with Weight Watchers or eDiets. In the Zone Delivery Cost: About $40 per day plus $3 to $10 delivery fee

Parrot Bebop Drone review: A strong, little quadcopter in

Being so small and light means you don't have much room for a big battery. Held in place by little more than its cable connector and a velcro strap, Parrot's batteries give you up to 11 minutes of

CBS All Access Launches In Canada

CBS All Access, CBS's direct-to-consumer digital subscription video-on-demand service, has launched in Canada, marking its first expansion into an international market. For $5.99CAD, CBS All Access will offer Canadian viewers more than 7,500 commercial-free episodes on-demand, spanning full current

How much should a contractor pay a subcontractor?

A long-time employee has decided to make consulting his profession, and he's not sure what kind of cut a prime contractor should take from the bill before paying the subcontractor.

How Much Would a Heart Attack Cost You?

The average total cost of a severe heart attack -- including direct and indirect costs -- is about $1 million. The average cost of a less severe heart attack is about $760,000. Amortized over 20

A tale of two turbochargers: The Porsche 718 Boxster

There's even an app showing journey statistics, car and servicing status, and both geo and speed fencing. All the better to keep Darling Daughter and Precious Son out of your roadster.

iPhone 7 is here: Water-resistant body, better cameras

Size and feel: The iPhone 7 feels pretty much the same as the iPhone 6S, with the same 4.7-inch screen. Apple says the "HD Retina display" is 25 percent brighter than last year's model.

Chamberlain's MyQ Garage is a smart-home gateway drug

The Good The Chamberlain MyQ Garage is one of the most affordable smart garage-door openers, and also one of the easiest to install. The Bad It works with a growing list of other smart home

Extended warranties for TVs are almost always a waste of

The first plasma TV cost more than $15,000. Now you can get a TV that's larger, brighter, has better color, and has 21 times the resolution, for under $1000. Let's say your TV does break in five

Pet Microchips Give False Hope?

They implant chips in pets at a cost of about $30 each. But the new chips can't be read by many of the tens of thousands of scanners already in shelters across the country.

Auto Insurance: Which Cars Cost Most and Least?

In looking at a new car, you should check how much it costs to insure. Here is a list of cars with the most and least costly insurance. Here is a list of cars with the most and least costly insurance.

iRobot Roomba 980 review: You'll pay a for this

The Good iRobot gives its $900 Roomba 980 a brain power boost with a lithium ion battery, additional sensors, a camera, and Wi-Fi and app connectivity on Android and iOS devices. The Bad It didn't

Why the USPS Forever stamps aren't living up to their name

A short while ago, it seemed the U.S. Postal Service was hiking the price of postage stamps every year. That drove consumers to snap up "Forever" stamps, which are non-denominational and can be

10 Reasons to Attend Canadian Universities

1. Reasonable price. The costs at Canadian universities will often be lower than at private colleges in the United States, as well as public universities for out-of state residents.

Viper SmartStart and SmartKey review: Viper SmartKey

The Good The Viper SmartStart and SmartKey system adds hands-free unlocking to cars along with the ability to remotely lock or unlock the doors from anywhere in the world. GPS features show where

Hidden TurboTax charges have users screaming

Upgrading will cost $30-$40 more if done while doing your taxes. Otherwise, to use TurboTax with those functions will mean buying versions that list for $89.99 or $99.99.

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