kerala style wall designs

2019 Chevy Bolt EV review: No longer unique, still

You could also plug the Bolt into a standard 120-volt wall outlet but, with an extremely slow charging rate of about 4 miles per hour on the plug, you'd only do that if you didn't have another

All the cool car stuff at CES 2019

According to Hyundai, the Elevate is capable of driving at highway speeds, but it can also allegedly climb a 5-foot wall, step over a 5-foot gap and have a track width up to 15 feet. Published

All the cool new gadgets at CES 2019

This is one of those ideas that seems underwhelming on Samsung The Wall. You'd think its 98 get your bread on a roll through this conveyor-style chef-bot simply by pouring a proprietary

Best 65-inch TVs

Best design and features in a non-OLED. Its light output and local dimming performance can't beat the Vizio Quantum, but the Q8 still has a great picture Samsung's industry-leading style and

HP Spectre Folio review: Get your hands on this luxury

The Good An excellent, -looking design with a leather outer shell over a metal frame. Good stylus response and excellent battery life. The Bad The rotating hinge design is too fiddly for

A real life Forza Horizon 4 road trip is a thing of beauty

This is a dry stone wall. In Forza, you can drive through these walls without so much as a scratch appearing on your car. In Forza, you can drive through these walls without so much as a scratch

Best Christmas tech gifts from $100 to $250

First up is Amazon's new Echo Show, which packs Alexa behind a screen and improves on the sound, and style, of the original. And yes, it can do YouTube. And yes, it can do YouTube. See it at Amazon

Apples working on a powerful, wireless headset for both

Jony Ive, Apple's design chief, said at a New Yorker conference in October that "there are certain ideas that we have, and we are waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea

Amazon Echo Wall Clock review: When a clock is just a

Does the Echo Wall Clock give Amazon yet another nugget of data about you to further strengthen its eventual, Big Brother-style grip on the world and the individuals living therein? Nah. The Clock

Kerala floods: In India, rescue efforts continue as

CHENGANNUR, India About 800,000 people have been displaced and more than 350 have died in the worst flooding in a century in southern India's Kerala state, authorities said Sunday.

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