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10 most dangerous holiday toys for 2018

The annual list of the holiday's worst toys include playthings that have the potential to harm children, according to World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H.

Are Californians being taken for a ride with high gas

A consumer watch group says California drivers are being taken for a ride. "This is the Golden State gouge at its full luster," Consumer Watchdog president Jamie Court said.

China's recycling restrictions hit U.S. towns

The industry is doing an about-face now," Lindenthal said. China's new standards impose drastic new rules for the level of "contamination," or non-recyclables, acceptable in a shipment.

Galaxy S9, 5G and more: Everything from MWC 2018

The 2018 show started off that way, but Barcelona on Tuesday, like much of Europe, was hit by frigid weather, thanks to Siberian weather that even brought a light dusting of snow.

Plastic sts in California restaurants now must be

"Plastics, in all forms sts, bottles, packaging, bags, etc. are choking the planet." Critics argue California's new law is government overreach that won't significantly improve the

Apple's rumored low-cost iPhone XR may be the most

The other will have a 6.5-inch display, according to Bloomberg, making it one of the largest smartphones on the market. By comparison, Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch display.

Goldman Sachs criminally charged by Malaysia in 1MDB fund

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysia filed criminal charges against Goldman Sachs and two former executives on Monday for their role in the alleged multibillion-dollar ransacking of state

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U.S. oil and gas boom powers nation's fastest-growing industry With America now the world's top oil and natural gas producer, the extraction industry will top them all in 2019 BBT and SunTrust

2020 Kia Soul debuts at LA Auto Show, is cooler than ever

The 2020 Kia Soul debuted Wednesday at the LA Auto Show, and it looks more or less like Kia's Soul always has, which is to say cute and boxy. This time around though, its gaze gets a little

TCL 5 series 2018 Roku TV review: Roku TV cleans up nice

The Good The affordable TCL 5 series has a clean, minimalist look that outclasses most budget TVs. Roku TV delivers the simplest, most comprehensive smart TV experience on the market, with more

Why America's recycling industry is in the dumps

America's recycling industry is in the dumps. A crash in the global market for recyclables is forcing communities to make hard choices about whether they can afford to keep recycling or should

5 project management trends to watch in 2018

5 project management trends to watch in 2018 This year, the project management profession will continue to face pressure to keep pace with global best practices, and social and economic challenges.

Trade war with China: What you need to know

One industry that was spared in the first round is apparel. Nearly all clothing sold in the U.S. -- 97 percent -- is imported, and China is the top import partner by far, responsible for 41

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