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Increasingly there are more uses for artificial grass than ever before. With new innovative designs and lifelike appearance artificial grass can be found almost anywhere. Front yards, backyards, roadway medians, and rooftops are all examples of potential uses for artificial grass with more every day.

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Vacuum the floor decking just after securing it all in place since there can be pieces of artificial grass in it which are left over. The floor decking is suitable for hard, even surfaces, like concrete, stone and wood.

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Based in Greater Manchester Ditch Your Mower stocks and installs realistic artificial grass lawns and composite decking. The best quality at the most competitive

Installing Artificial Grass On Your Deck

Consider laying artificial grass on your deck for a refreshed sense of the outdoors. This Is A Custom Widget This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code.

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I have Artificial grass laid directly onto my decking, but have recently had problems with some of the decking boards rotting. the rot had actually caused rot on one of the joists as well. I have replaced the rotted decking and repaired the joist and treated the whole deck area with a lignum fungicide treatment.

Artificial Grass for Decking

Artificial Grass for Decking . I have heard it a million times before, "that decking is an eyesore, we can't let the kids play out on it, when its wet", yes but why have it there in the first place, o.k you may have good reason, it is an elevated place in the garden, or the decking was really cheap, so cheap that it had to be bought.

Artificial Grass for Patios and Decking

Turn your patio into a lawn with one of our artificial grass mats for decking and patios. At Lawrence Lawns we sell synthetic lawns for a wide range of uses, but our artificial grass for patios, decking, and balconies is becoming increasingly popular.

Laying Artificial Grass onto Decking

Fitting Artificial Grass onto decking is a lot easier than you may think Before laying out your new lawn, be conscious of any loose debris or moss on your decking ensure it is clean and free from anything that is likely to show under the artificial grass.

The Artificial Grass is Always Greener on a Deck

Artificial grass turned out to be the solution when Kristin Jackson unexpectedly needed to refinish her deck. Not only did it turn out to be an easy, low maintenance way to cover the deck floor, but it also turned out to be a lush, green, barefoot-friendly way to enhance her outdoor decor.

Installing Artificial Grass on Concrete and Decking

Installing artificial grass on concrete and decking is surprisingly simple, to put it bluntly you cut it to shape, roll it out and stick it down One of the big advantages to using an established surface like concrete paving, patios or even timber decking is that assuming it was well installed in the first place it is already a level surface

Easigrass Installation on Decking and Balconies

The video shows the whole installation process - the laying of shock pad under the easigrass artificial grass. There are 7 varieties of easigrass to choose from. Category

Can you lay Artificial Grass on Decking?

Laying artificial grass on decking. In many respects, it is far easier to install artificial grass on decking than preparing a garden full of earth and turf. This is because you already have a level and solid surface to work with.

Can Artificial Grass be Successfully Installed on Decking?

Artificial grass CAN be installed on decking. As long as your decking is in good condition, you should be able to install artificial grass on top. However, this is something an artificial grass specialist can help advise on, and the area will still need to be brushed and power blown to get rid of any debris or moss.

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Decking Artificial Grass A low maintenance, low slip alternative to decking. Our decking grass gives you the look of decking with all of the benefits of artificial grass. Ideal for high traffic areas, and looks great over patios and balcony floors. Decking Grass is low slip and low maintenance, making it a stunning alternative to real decking.

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Artificial Grass Decking Cover You will notice a complete transformation in your outdoor flooring . Instead of a hard surface exposed to the weather, you now have the benefits of a soft and colourful artificial grass decking cover.

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If you want to change the look of your deck or are just tired of getting wood splinters in your feet, an artificial turf surface should be a consideration. Artificial turf is very durable and

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is also known as fake grass or astro-turf and is a surface made from plastic polymers that is intended to look like the real thing. It is often used for sports given it requires very little maintenance and can withstand heavy footfall with little or no damage.

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