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A tour of the ballistic missile submarine Redoutable (photos)

This is the top deck of the sub. The previous pictures were the main deck; the missiles extend above and below, as well. Cross bracing for sure, but a ladder? Who knew? A tour of the

Busy Aces Solitaire for iOS - Free download and software

No in-app purchases.The objective is to move two decks of cards onto the . Courtyard is a unique variation with 12 tableau piles and empty piles are autofilled from the waste pile.

How to Install Deck Post Knee Braces - HandymanHowto.com

Wood deck knee bracing is commonly used because it looks nice and doesn’t obstruct the view as would K- or X-bracing. The following illustration explains wood deck racking and knee bracing: How to Install Deck Post Knee Braces Home Builder Installed Knee Bracing.

Lateral Bracing Alternatives Professional Deck Builder

Lateral Bracing Alternatives Anchoring decks to the foundation rather than to the interior framing simplifies a finicky detail. By Jim Finlay Download the PDF version of this article. (1.44 MB) The 2009 IRC, which is the building code in my area, requires that a deck connected to and supported by its primary structure be "designed for vertical

Bully Walkthrough - GameSpot

Bully Walkthrough It's time to deck the halls of Bullworth Academy in Rockstar's latest game. GameSpot's Walkthrough will get you strht to the head of the class.

Backstage At The Louvre - CBS News

Backstage At The Louvre. By Carol Kopp It's bracing for more once the film version of "The Da Vinci Code" premieres May 17. tiny lights flicker on in the Cour Carree courtyard, and the

Knee Bracing - Helps prevent lateral sway - Professional

Thanks again for highlighting the bracing aspect of taller decks with visually appealing bracing and not the simple utilitarian x-bracing that lacks visual pop. Comment Post Cancel

Deck Bracing Decks.com

Bracing between posts using X or K bracing can be also be used to make a deck more rigid. In this method you attach 2x4’s or 2x6’x from the top of one post to the bottom of the next and vice versa resembling the understructure of a wooden railroad bridge.

Diagonal Brace Tips - Ask the Builder

Deck collapses can also be traced to a lack of sufficient diagonal bracing. I've seen decks built where the outer support beam just rests on wood posts. If a group of people up on the deck start dancing and a harmonic motion builds up, the entire deck can collapse as the deck starts to shift sideways.

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