fence at top of appartment terrace

TV Shows to Watch Now 2019 TV Guide

The massive three-hour crossover event featuring the trio of Chicago shows premieres Wednesday, Oct. 3, as an apartment fire in the Windy City puts all of Chicago's first responders in action.

Pixel 2 camera test: Low-light, portraits and HDR enhanced

Google Pixel 2 camera. With so many green and yellow hues, the Pixel 2 captured great details in the different leaves, trees and blades of in this image.

Best laptops, tablets and desktops for creatives in 2018

With its workstation components -- a Xeon with up to 18 cores and top-of-the-line Vega-class AMD Radeon Pro graphics -- it's certainly more powerful than the current iMac Pro.

Memories in a shoebox: Digitizing old photos unlocks a

The entire experience, from the customer service to speed with which my photos were returned, was top-notch and only took a week. If you have a box of pictures sitting around, it's an easy way to

California's new data privacy law the toughest in the US

Damages paid to consumers top out at $750 per person in each instance where the law is violated, and the highest penalty per violation that can be levied against companies is $7,500.

iRobot's Terra robot lawn mower cuts the grass while you

These wires act as an electronic fence, and must be physically installed throughout your property. Enlarge Image The Terra uses stake-like beacons to triangulate its position.

Panama City, Florida

Trees lay on the top of a home in Panama City, Florida, after Hurricane Michael passed through the area on October 10, 2018. The hurricane hit the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 storm.

Google Pixel: Just how good is its camera?

Capturing SF with the Pixel. Not only did the Google Pixel and its larger counterpart, Pixel XL impress us with its polished design and helpful Assistant software, but it also blew us away with

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