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There are really two primary types synthetic roofing materials; Theres the type that mimics slate natural stone , and the type that looks like cedar shake wood . Generally, manufacturers of synthetic material will stick to one type over the other.

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Roof Replacement Cost in 2019: New Roof Prices. 19/01/2019 Big Al Asphalt Shingles, Estimating a Roof, Prices, Looks like Ill need 20 squares and now feel informed enough to be able to ask the right questions, and be able to compare contractors. Wood Shingles and Shakes Roof Costs, and Pros and Cons; Top 15 Roof Types, Plus Their

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Composite slate roofing provides a natural slate look, with varied edges that are highly defined, truly emulating the appearance of real slate. Apart from wielding the natural slate authentic look, composites are significantly affordable than their natural counterpart, and can be installed for about ½ the cost.

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5 Best Synthetic Slate Roofing Products Thanks to modern technology, there are now synthetic slate roofing options that look identical to the real stone, but cost at least 50-60% less. This means you can install a high quality composite slate roof for about $15,000 on a simple 1,500 sq.ft. ranch or cape style home.

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Stunningly realistic, cast from naturally split wood shakes. Our composite cedar shake roof tile comes in any color Best synthetic shake roofing shingles. Have a look at our synthetic cedar shake roofing reviews to see why you should install a Brava tile roof If you would like more information on our composite cedar roofing cost per

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Plastic Roof Tiles / Synthetic Roof Tiles. offering colors complement any home. All the tiles are nailed or screwed and applied just like regular roofing products. Our synthetic roof tiles feature a 50 Year Manufacturers Warranty Beautiful diamond shingles provide a beautiful high-quality look at an affordable price.

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Composite roof shingles, whether made to resemble wood shakes or slate shingles, are often virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

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Synthetic underlayment. $80 to $100 for 400 square feet. Metal Cost Factors; Material. Metal Shingle Roof Costs. Metal roofs that look like shingles cost $275 to $375 per square in material costs. It costs $450 to $700 per square to install a low- to mid-range metal roof over asphalt or wood shingles. There are a few things to know

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Roofing Shingles Vs. Cedar Shakes Costs, Pros and Cons 2018 It will return, however, if many of the same measures as keeping a wood roof dry trimming tree branches, removing debris and clearing gutters are not followed. Replacing individual shingles is often a DIY job. Composite Roof Shingles Cost 2019: Pros and Cons, Top Options

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While some homeowners continue to choose the luxurious look of a natural wood roof, others are choosing synthetic shingles that resemble wood but require less maintenance, and are more weather-resistant, longer-lasting and fire resistant. Typical costs: Wood shingles are cut by machine.

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Some companies manufacture composite roofing materials with recycled wood and plastic. Composite roofing materials are the ideal choice if you are in the market for something that looks clean and is easily affordable. Little did we know that the installation costs would easily eclipse the cost to purchase and install a composite roof. The

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Synthetic, also known as composite roof materials, look every bit as attractive as naturally-derived roofing materials, but they often come at just a fraction of the cost. This means a lower cost of goods, and less concern over maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.

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17 Types of Roof Shingles. shingle manufacturers have opened a whole new category of architectural asphalt shingles to simulate old world European roofing styles to look like wood shake, slate, and tile. They are sometimes called synthetic tile, synthetic wood shakes, or synthetic roof shingles.

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Guide to Synthetic Slate Shingle Roofing. Asphalt shingles made to look like slate shingle roofing will usually be the least expensive and are frequently used as a price baseline. Asphalt shingles simply laminated to look like slate will be the most affordable from the perspective of overhead cost. Composite shingles that integrate multiple

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These faux products for home improvement projects look like the real thing and save you money. HouseLogic has smart advice and ideas for homeowners. But these fabulous fakes look authentic and save you real money. Share This. Email This. Pin This. Tweet This. Synthetic Slate Roofing. Image:

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The homewyse Synthetic Slate Shingle Roof cost estimates do not include costs for existing roof tear off, roof framing repairs or enhancements, dry rot repairs, decking replacement, or gutter / drain replacement.

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