flower box industry building

Amazon's 2019 challenges include Donald Trump, HQ2

As HQ2 development ramps up, Amazon is likely to face even more attention over its handling of the construction, environmental impacts and effects on Long Island City's and Crystal City's communities.

Pixel 3 camera test: Google's phone delivers again

Taken on the Pixel 3. A closeup of a flower. Here, I like the depth of the petals at the center of the flower.

What Should I Wear to a Job Interview?

I'm not a fashion maven. In fact, if I needed a new interview outfit, I'd call up my friend the fashion designer and ask him to come shopping with me.

The buzz at CES 2019 came from the 'world's largest pot

Floating orbs, interactive lotus flowers. This is a marijuana dispensary like no other. Sitting in the shadow of the Las Vegas strip at CES 2019, where everything is bigger and brighter, Planet 13

The biggest buildings in the world, ranked

14 volume . 2800 Polar Way. 271.8 million gallons. Located in Richland, Washington, this building is the largest refrigerated warehouse in the world.

Flower Reviews

Flower is a perverse, misguided, bizarre, profane, and absurd film. In spite of all that, there is a truly compelling heart in this film that will keep you hooked until the end. If I were to describe Flower, I would say it's like someone took Ladybird, Goodtime, Goodfellas, and American

Beetle Adventure Racing Flower Box Locations for Nintendo

Beetle Adventure Racing Flower Box Locations as you may know, Flower Boxes in this game are like Bonus Boxes, except they open up a cheat for use in Single Player mode or Beetle Battle.

Blooms For The Holidays

Forcing bulbs is a great way to make sure your home is filled with fresh flowers throughout the holiday season. And now is the time to start cultivating them.

7 cool things you can do with Google Lens

Want to know more about a building? Or a landmark? During a recent visit to Chicago, I found myself curious about many of that city's architectural marvels. With Google Lens, you just snap a photo

Opioid Crisis: Attorney Mike Moore and the lawsuits that

Now, going after the opioid industry, Mike Moore is using the same playbook he used against tobacco and more recently against BP for the Gulf Oil Spill: build legal and public pressure until the

Facebook's Building 8 takes its own moonshots

The tech industry has a term for what people inside Building 8 work on: moonshots. Think potentially groundbreaking projects that could reshape Facebook's long-term future and even how all of us

Technology News

Bird Box got Netflix to spill viewership numbers and now it can't stop. Netflix gets to throw shade at regular media companies and woo big-name talent, all in one move.

6 top women's subscription gift boxes

One of the subscription box industry's pioneers, Birchbox has won legions of fans for its affordable price and products. One difference, though, is that it sends samples rather than full

Inside Facebooks massive center storing your personal

Pizza boxes and spaghetti loops Facebook broke ground on the Clonee data center in 2016, and with a third building still under construction, the facility won't be complete until the end of next year.

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