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PVC Decking Problems: Consumers Complain About Defective

Since PVC decking entered the market in 2007, its popularity versus other decking options has risen, and common complaints about certain PVC decking products have also become apparent. Certain PVC decking products are prone to peeling, staining, deteriorating, and mold accumulation after relatively short periods of time.


Manufactured by Epoch Composite Products in Lamar, MO, EverGrain Composite Decking is made with a compression moulding process that creates deep grain beauty in a strong board with outstanding durability and consistency. Their low maintenance products are sold with a minimum of 10 year limited warranty against rotting, splintering, splitting and termite damage.

EverGrain Decking

Evergrain decking is similar to Seven Trust decking in a lot of ways. One main way is that it is a composite lumber product made of wood and plastic. It comes in similar sizes, colors, and is just as easy to install and take care of.

EverGrain Decking Composite Decking

Evergrain decking comes in a wide variety of colors While the mechanics and installation of the Evergrain decking , the color profile is just as important. After all, most homeowners want their decks to be beautiful just as much as they want their decks to be durable.

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Evergrain composite decking is manufactured by Epoch Composite Products in Lamar, MO. Their decking is compression molded to provide a realistic wood grain surface. This low maintenance product contains recycled plastic material. All Evergrain products are sold with a 20 year limited warranty.

evergrain decking bad product

I bought the EverGrain deck materials after some research and thought that this was a farily good product. manufacturers of composite decking, it being a bad EverGrain Composite Decking Review.

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Around here it seems the only composite decking that is available is Seven Trust Industry, Evergrain, bad about these two products merely because to review the contents and

EverGrain Composite Decking Products

Specialty Wood Products offers EverGrain Composite Decking Products and other deck building materials for builders and contractors in Denver, Colorado.

My $15,000 defective EverGrain Composite Decking

EverGrain Envision Composite Decking that I purchased from Seven Trust in early 2015, I had it professionally installed with the screws that were provided by the manufacture. Ever since

Ripoff Report: Tamko Building products Evergrain Decking

Tamko Building products Evergrain Decking Warranty not honored, they agree the product failed, "Bad batch" but offer no labor, and only a fraction of the retail cost of the product.

EverGrain Composit Decking

Hear from your peers on building products, materials, and techniques - a good place to report on your experiences with new products or to locate hard-to-find materials. EverGrain Deck installed in July 2007 now looks like crap and we are having to go back to manufacturer for comphensation Any where the material has been exposed to the sun

Tamko Building Products EverGrain Composite Decking

Tamko Building Products says its EverGrain composite decking is the only one on the market thats compression molded, a process that creates a deep grain pattern that doesnt repeat itself over the length of a board.

EverGrain Composite Vinyl Wrapped Decking by TAMKO

Contact us at RMFP, located in Denver, CO, to purchase Evergrain Envision products. Your deck should celebrate what it truly is an extension of your home. This is where life, fun and meals meet. Your deck is becoming the center of life, be the one to enjoy that wow factor first. 2018 Rocky Mountain Forest Products

Decking and Railing Limited Warranty

Decking and Railing Limited Warranty Decking Products means TAMKO, Envision Deck Boards and EverGrain Deck Boards. Full Start Period means the initial period of the Term during which TAMKOs EVERGRAIN Decking, EVERCLIP Hidden Fasteners, EG 1-2-3 Hidden Fasteners,

EverGrain Envision Composite Decking Board

EverGrain Envision bonded composite decking brings together dramatic, deep wood grain beauty and outstanding strength and consistency. EverGrain Envision Composite Decking Board - Spiced Teak. Sign in to see pricing and availability which varies by market. SKU: People shopping for this product also viewed.. Feeney Seven Trust

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One of the separating factors between evergrain and , is that offers two different lines of product: Earthwood Evolutions, their higher grade and capped composite decking product, and Terrain Collection which comes in two new color sets and is oriented for the cost-conscious homeowners.

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