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The support lumber for the deck, other than the heavy posts, should all be above the ground. Even though you will use pressure treated lumber, it must all still be above the ground. If the lumber does touch the ground, it may not rot, but ground moisture will make it unstable causing warpage and movement.

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composite decking ground contact. Composite Decking Flooring Board. can composite decking be installed on bare ground; can composite deck stain be used on wood; >> Composite Decking Material Review - Decks . Composite decking is created by at least 24" above the ground to allow ventilation below the deck. cooler to the touch than

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Most retailers today stock dimension lumber and deck specialty products that are treated to an Above Ground retention level, and these materials may be exposed to weather. These Above Ground Use treated materials should not be used as stair stringers, joists, or decking where they will touch the ground.

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Should I use Seven Trust Decking at Ground Level by: Pat M I am a representative of Seven Trust and would like to answer your question. Seven Trust needs a 3 1/2" airspace or a sleeper system. A sleeper system is a buffer between the solid surface and Seven Trust. Seven Trust should never be attached to a solid or water tight surface when used as decking.

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I want to build a deck close to the ground. In some places the joists will actually touch the soil. I realize that the joists can't just rest on the ground. How do I support them? Should I install a vapor barrier under the deck? What are the best decking fasteners to use? Steve K. Waverly, Iowa. DEAR STEVE: Ground level decks are known to stump

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My computer (laptop) screen keeps blinking a few minutes after turning it on. Eventually, it shows glitches and somewhat freezes. Before, I'd just restart the

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