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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood FAQ/Walkthrough for

After he marks the bench, sit down with Circle to shop. Leonardo can sell you back the second Hidden Blade, the Climb Leap Glove which seems silly considering this was a skill Ezio knew without a glove , and the Poison Darts attachment for the Hidden Blade. Combined, they all cost a decent sum, but fortunately or rather, unfortunately , you can only buy one for now. I'd go with the second

Silent Hill: Downpour FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Outside in the open by a tree past the open double-door chain fence you can find the EVIDENCE 2 photo. Now, from here we can go slightly to the east to find a SUBWAY represented by a blue line on the map . You can head down here to find a second copy of the Silent Hill map or a first copy, if you missed the first one . Past that in the terminal is the SUNRISE PAINTING . Now, if you look

Deals on Sunpan Hanover Ottoman

Dimensions: 34W x 25D x 18H in.. Soft polyester upholstery. Solid wood legs. Granite color. Cushioned top. The Sunpan Hanover Ottoman answers the call for extra seating and a relaxing place to prop up your feet in versatile form.

Sleeping Dogs FAQ for Xbox 360 by barticle

- meet her at the top of Victoria Peak - approach the gate, take a photo of Amanda when prompted - bribe the guard for access HK$1,000 and continue taking photos of her Reward: health shrines are now Intel: Surveillance Report, A.Cartwright marked on your minimap *Amanda is voiced by Emma Stone who played Wichita in the movie 'Zombieland'. Tiffany Kim ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ You'll meet

Dead Rising Items Guide for Xbox 360 by JungleFender

Supporting Items: -Bench -Parasol -Shopping Cart -Handbag -Perfume Prop -Sign -Lipstick Prop -Pickaxe -Weapon Cart Location: Everyone Luvs Books in Entrance Plaza. Tips: Too bad I dont often use items mentioned above. ----- Weekly Photo Magazine ----- Game description: Get a visual cue to indicate prime photo timing Purpose: You will get clues on which and when an object will give a

Light Wars: Hand of God

The photo quality was poor, all you could make out was her silhouette, but damn, it was still a photo. "The only hiccup in the relief efforts seems to be the unwarranted and merciless murder of

Dead Rising FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by JPaterson

There is a bulletin board directly in front of you above the green bench. Zoom in on it with your camera; this is a PP sticker. Get the PP percentage up to 100%, and you will score a 1,000PP shot. The remainder of the PP sticker locations can be found in the appropriate section. The green bench here will also be your main save point. Simply activate it to save your game. Walk down the short

Baxton Studio Baxton Studio Hannah Upholstered Storage

Modern and contemporary storage ottoman bench. Upholstered in polyester fabric. Button-tufting with silver nail heads trim. Black solid wood legs.

Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game FAQ/Walkthrough

The fan is a better prop for the elevator door so move it under the door and pick up the golf club again. Escape the room through the fan hole. Outside, side step along the ledge toward the fire escape. Climb the fire escape and walk out on the roof. Roof escape, climb the loading joist and interact with the chain on the end of the beam. From the rooftop use the golf club on the chain and

RollerCoaster Tycoon FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by

Next, replace the vandalized benches, lightposts, and litter bins. These two steps alone should get your park rating out of the cellar. Lastly, if you find your path items vandalized again, hire a few security guards to keep out those troublemakers. Other than that, its business as usual. Shops and stalls should be your first priority, as it is a large park. Simply keep building, and you should

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