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As each project has unique considerations and factors to take into account, it’s hard to quote an exact cost per square metre for epoxy flooring. In general, though, projects would cost, from, around £20/m2 for an epoxy coating, up to £150 p/m2 for a metallic epoxy with some build up.

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Is it difficult to give an exact resin flooring cost as there are many factors to consider, such as whether you require some build up or a coating and what preparation work is required, for this reason, it could be anywhere between £20 and £130 per m 2.

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Resin Flooring Cost per m2. Resin flooring cost per square metre depends on several different factors. We are always asked to provide ballpark costs but as no two projects are ever the same a site visit is essential to give an accurate cost per square metre.

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With resin flooring, as with concrete, the larger the room, the cheaper each square metre will cost. A resin floor can be applied as a thin layer on top of an already existing floor structure, and this will be cheaper than installing a whole floor from scratch.

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The size of the area resin flooring cost per square metre (m2) differs depending on the size of the overall job. This is clearly one of the most important factors. This is clearly one of the most important factors.

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