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Keeping rabbits out: installing a garden fence

Rabbits are a scourge for the backyard garden. While cute, they can wreck absolute havoc to both seedlings and mature plants. Rabbits have a voracious appetite and can turn a flourishing garden into a stunted wasteland rather quickly.

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Rabbits are energetic, ingenious and endlessly hungry, a wonderful reminder of Robert Frost's observation that good fences make good neighbors. The results of building a fence to keep rabbits out of your garden are worth every minute of extra effort. Enjoy your garden and your wildlife--together, yet apart.

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If rabbits and other varmints are getting to your home's garden, consider using the YARDGARD 2.3 ft. x 50 ft. black PVC coated rabbit garden fence to help keep them away from your hard work.

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Choose the Best Garden Fence The best garden fence is whichever fence will reliably keeps the critters from your crops. This add-on feature is necessary if any fence is to exclude rabbits

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Garden Fencing: A Roundup of the Best Ideas. 5 Comments. Nation A raised bed made of stone block or wood at least 24 inches tall is also an effective barrier against rabbits. The Art of the Electric Garden Fence Mother Earth News Electric polywire or electric netting can also prevent rabbit intrusion. One wire strung 3-4 inches

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allFenz, 40 inch x 50 ft. Super Rabbit Garden Fence - This vinyl coated wire fence is designed to keep rabbits out of the garden as well. It has small mesh squares at the bottom and larger ones at the top to keep all rabbits out.

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Protect your garden from rabbits and other small predators. YARDGARD B 28 Inch by 50 Foot 14 Gauge Rabbit and Small Animal, Silver. by YARDGARD. Amagabeli Decorative Garden Fence 18 in x 50 ft Rustproof Green Iron Landscape Wire Folding Fencing Ornamental Panel Border Edge Section Edging Patio Flower Bed Animal Barrier for Dog

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Constructing a simple wire fence around the part of the garden containing vegetables and other highly rabbit-vulnerable plants is an almost foolproof method for protecting plants from rabbits. Cottontails will not jump a 2-foot-high fence.

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The only solution to this problem is garden fencing, which has to be strong, as rabbits love gnawing. Moreover, they can jump over low border fences and they love digging too. So, the garden fence panels have to be such that it takes into consideration all these factors.

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Garden

Garden Fences for Rabbits. A rabbit fence for gardens can also help with keeping rabbits out of the garden. The fence does not need to be high, just 2 to 3 feet tall, but you should bury the fence up to 6 inches under the ground as rabbits are very good diggers. The easiest way to add a rabbit proof fence to the garden is to dig a trench around

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Learn about the options available for fencing your garden and get tips for keeping the animals out. Garden Fence Tips. rabbits and other small pets. Rabbit guard is the truest of garden fences because the mesh varies greatly. With smaller openings at the bottom and increased mesh openings as you move up the fence, this fencing system is

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Fencing and netting. This is the most effective method for keeping rabbits out of the garden. For young or small plants, you can lay chicken wire directly over plants to keep rabbits from reaching tender leaves.

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Pest Fence Keeps Rabbits Out of the Garden. Prevent dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals from getting into your garden; Easy to set up, no tools required; Lightweight, portable and weatherproof; Soft polyethylene mesh and sturdy plastic poles provide a barrier around vulnerable plants. The 1/2" polyethylene mesh is lightweight and durable.

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Building a Rabbit Proof Fence: Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Garden. Posted by krissy on May 3rd, 2011. A rabbit repellent is an effective alternative to garden fences. There are rabbit repellents on the market today that are highly effective at keeping the unwanted animals away from treated areas.

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The yardgard garden rabbit fence is especially designed to keep out LANGXUN 16pcs Metal Wire Storage Cubes Organizer, DIY Small Animal Cage for Rabbit, Guinea Pigs, Puppy Pet Products Portable Metal Wire Yard Fence Black, 16 Panels puppy play yard fence outdoor for puppies, rabbits, kittens,guinea Gilbert and Bennett YARDGARD

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You do not need a high fence to keep most rabbits out, and a shorter fence -- especially if it is short enough to step over -- will make it much easier for you to access your garden. A 2-foot-high

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